Hot Take’s bid for Trump’s new MAGA news network

Published on November 16, 2020

Hot Take discusses the Million MAGA March, rising COVID hoaxes, and their case to be the new Fox News. Plus, co-host of Showtime’s “The Circus” Alex Wagner joins the show. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 11/17/2020

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  • Sophia Massillon 5 months ago

    Scam is trump life.

  • Ann Stearns 5 months ago

    THEY SAWR IT….Speak English Rudy

  • Kingpookienation Alvarez 5 months ago

    Stop crying like a baby Rudy is the hutch back of Notre Dame !

  • Reena K Blas 5 months ago

    Thats the truest comment I ever heard this year, quote:- Rudy Gulliani is the advocate you go to when no other advocate would take hour case”.

  • Kevin Chong 5 months ago

    Still more successful than One Million Moms, at gathering dumbasses

  • mary jones 5 months ago

    yowza, lol, ty colbert late show fam!

  • Christopher Chilton-Smith 5 months ago

    I know they’re absurd cartoons but come on, try and seem conceded about how many people are dying.

  • Rocky ROCKS 5 months ago

    Million MAGA march = Million of dollars of MAGA merchandise sales. (Made in China)
    If 1 person spend $100 on MAGA merchandise then..
    50m (Trump voters) x $ 100= $ 5 billion sales.
    Sad part is they don’t even realize Trump ripped off thr money along with thr trust, faith n most importantly thr health.

  • Andrew Graham 5 months ago

    Their live guest is actually adorable

  • Randay Sunday 5 months ago

    ONAN would be the right choice for Trump and MAGA.

  • Ben Lutz 5 months ago

    I think Mad King ShitFerBrains should buy all three channels. We could start a betting pool on how many months it takes him to run them ALL into receivership.

  • Frank Maitland 5 months ago

    Rudy Giuliani is a moron. He was always a FRAUD

  • Frank Maitland 5 months ago

    He’s made millions off of 9/11

  • Jeremy Miller 5 months ago

    If Archer was a news show.

  • I got the music in me 5 months ago

    This is great, it’s troubling that it’s true..

  • Fix News 5 months ago

    Conservatives have all become America’s enemy.
    It’s time to face the truth and do something before it’s all gone.

    For nine long months, I have been hand sanitizing, socially distancing, wearing a mask and following local health guidelines. I don’t like it but I do it to save lives. I miss my kids and my grand children. I miss my friends. I miss my freedom. Yet I do everything I can to stop this pandemic from killing more people.

    Meanwhile, we have a large anti-social segment of fools who are doing everything they can to keep us masked and isolated while they frolic around as if nothing is wrong. They are extending the suffering of the rest of us with their ridiculous claims of lost freedoms. They are killing people. It’s time we faced the truth. And the numbers grow worse every day. They are the enemy. They are killing us.

    It’s time to start imprisoning people who work to extend this virus. Imprison them together, with no protection and no medical attention.
    If that doesn’t work…harsher steps must be taken to protect ourselves from the enemy.

    I don’t know one liberal who thinks the virus is a hoax or refuses to take steps to slow the spread.
    It’s very clear who’s killing people with the virus…and they’re not Chinese.

    There are now two vaccines close to release. Sadly, there will be resistance by conservatives and the virus will remain present in every community.

    They destroyed the virus efforts.
    They destroyed democracy.
    They destroyed dignity.
    They destroyed truth.

    Time is up.

  • thomas 71 5 months ago

    Everyone loves a clown parade, Trump supporters are buying all that Chinese made Trump trash.

  • Lando Calrizzi 5 months ago

    The craziest thing is, someone on his side is going to take some of this jiber-jaber and organize a Q meeting to talk about these new “facts” .

    Dosen’t that scare you?

  • Fix News 5 months ago

    Conservatives: “We don’t care if Americans die. We’re free. And besides, we’re pretty sure it’s just libtards that are dying.”
    Yeeeee haaaaa.


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