Hot Take crew ballistic over Supreme Court’s Trump tax returns ruling

Published on July 10, 2020

The Supreme Court’s rulings on Trump’s tax returns and religious exemptions inspire Tyler Templeton to create the new church Our Lady of Hot Take. Plus, MSNBC analyst Rick Tyler joins the show. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 7/10/2020

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  • Meat city. 1951 1 month ago

    Stevens writers suck I’ve giving up on this show.

  • Vishwanath Tigadi 1 month ago

    Where’s Stephen?

  • Katherene Wedic 1 month ago

    Talk about Columbus after African Americans stop playing ball for teams with racists names and the Jewish owners change the names of the teams

  • borrowtime 1 month ago

    Trump whole life surrounded with law suits, I’m not sure if he’s ever feel totally free

  • Katie Love 1 month ago

    Trump is joke of the century.

  • Miller Time 1 month ago

    Reminds me of archer

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 1 month ago

    And still we have GOP saying we want to see Trump nudes…

  • Shadow Girl 1 month ago

    You know what’s more f’ed up Colbert? The courts ignoring the fact that the 13th amendment ONLY applies to corporate gains. Shame on the Supreme court, Shame on the IRS, and Shame on you for helping their charade by covering the real truth with this modern manipulative bullshit!

  • England Calling 1 month ago

    I’d be annoyed if I was Trump. He chose two SC judges and rightly expected them to be ‘his’ judges.
    What’s the point in being corrupt if it doesn’t work in your favor?

  • edwardmashberg1 1 month ago

    Trump’s already admitted he cheats and pays no taxes. We will all be long dead from Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder before he gets fitted for the orange jumpsuit and pink slip-ons.

  • Rochelle Pratt 1 month ago

    Its going to be a lot more republicans who will turn on trump 👍😅

  • Angry Kittens 1 month ago

    Trump has appointed all his people with one main purpose: to keep him immune from prosecution of all the crimes he’s done. It’s hilarious it backfired.

  • T Reaper 1 month ago

    Lol this is gold

  • dafttool 1 month ago

    For the 1/100th time, Dotard is a stable genius. 🤪

  • Christine Sephton 1 month ago

    Will he have “TRUMP “in gold letters on the back of his orange jump suit, gold handcuffs and a gold toilet in his prison cell?.

  • Ryan M 1 month ago

    What in the actual shit has happened to this show, and why is Conan the only person able to hold an actual interview right now…what a duckin joke.

  • dafttool 1 month ago

    SDNY has so many fraud charges pending on Individual One, Don the Con (tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, charity fraud, wire fraud & election finance fraud) that they are looking to bundle them into RICO charges (just like with the mob, which is apropos because Trump is also accused of being a money launderer for the Russian mob, since 1984: see “House of Trump/House of Putin”)

  • محمد أبو عمار 1 month ago

    Mr Trump will say : no body reminded me to pay taxes ! It is not my fault 😉

  • Journeystomake Alkebulan 1 month ago



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