Honoring the Fiendish Women in History | The Daily Show

Published on March 6, 2022

This Women’s History Month, Desi Lydic asks everyone to consider not just the great women of history, but also the women who have done some truly awful things. #DailyShow




  • Johannes Brolinson 2 years ago

    Is this a rerun?, feels like I ahve heard the jokes before

  • Colin Skelding 2 years ago

    And topping the list,

    MTG and Bobeart.

  • pjq420 2 years ago

    I’m a guy and I wanna brought up the matter about the very much forgotten ill fated women in history of the English culture whom were victimized and persecuted just for someone else easily uttered a word telling that she’s a witch also were being hunted down till the last of them by the churchers as much as how the same thing with nowadays are much alike it seems that the West are actually still in that same mindset in the case for someone else had uttered a word accusing this group or that group did that,and they’ll just go right with believing the media who are playing that role of someone else’s character whom before doesn’t even care about you at all.praise be upon those women whom mostly I believed are innocent peoples sacrificed by the blinded.

  • Amber Andrews 2 years ago

    Desi is a treasure.

  • D. V. Crystal 2 years ago

    Trevor, I will miss your longer hair and non boring clothes.

  • KittySnicker 2 years ago

    Sweet, Trevor has his short hair back! Looks much better imho. And Desi is funny and rocking those blazers!

  • r-t 92 2 years ago

    … she opened a brothel.
    Let’s be honest.

  • Thomas McGraw 2 years ago

    Don’t forget Ma Barker.

  • Harikesh Ram 2 years ago

    I will sports you.

  • Cromebrillo gaming 2 years ago

    Desi , I’m a little concerned, you look kind of thin! are you okay? we just want the best for you.

  • Jon Reed 2 years ago

    Desi is funny.

  • Sized Toaster0 2 years ago

    One Question….does Bruce Jenner celebrate womens history month?


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