Holiday Yule Log: Remembering Pine-Eleven Like It’s 9/11 | The Daily Show



  • Sam Huff 2 years ago

    Fox made it out to be a terrorist attack, but it was a dude with mental issues that set fire to their tree. Did they ever correct the narrative? Probably not.

  • gljm 1159 2 years ago

    According to the NY Fire Dept the blaze would have been put out sooner but the Fox staff tried to put out the blaze by trying to hit it out with the hundreds of “My Pillows” they had in the studio.

  • Major Henry L. 2 years ago

    Im pretty sure that if CNN had a Kwanzaa Kinasa outside its studio that was burned to the ground this show would not be making humorous clips about it but would instead blame Republicans somehow.

  • Bilham Cobbly 2 years ago

    The bush administration is responsible for 9-11 Fox is responsible for pine -11

  • Kieran Nightroad 2 years ago

    Just like their tree, their outrage is entirely fake.

  • Joe Dirt 2 years ago

    FOX entertainment at its worst fake news is what Fox say is real news. This was a disrespect to the people who died on 9/11 how dare you say your fake tree and fake news compares. BOO

  • Walter Mennekens 2 years ago

    If they first spend about 30 years burning middle eastern treefields and had far in advance warning their tree would get burned the comparisson would be complete

  • Fnö? 2 years ago

    Can someone please remind the christian right that Yule is a pagan tradition?

  • Ganiscol 2 years ago

    Its important to know where their priorities are.

  • Jason Pal 2 years ago

    Anderssen blocked Jack Dorsey, but he didn’t block him for the weird looking beard

  • Thomas Moeller 2 years ago

    Saw this a couple weeks ago. Probably on this channel. However, the impact really hit today. Not only was there the establishment of that frame work atrocity compared to 9/11, the idiots couldn’t even come up with their own talking points. Who wrote their messaging? Melania?

  • John Bagley 2 years ago

    F**kin clowns.

  • Stevyn Official 2 years ago

    I gag laughed

  • Phil Night 2 years ago

    Shame on me once, shame on me twice, shame on me third, how does that go again?

  • Pamela Longwa 2 years ago

    Amen ooooh


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