Hillary Supporters Like Trump’s Tax Plan

Published on September 30, 2015

Donald Trump recently came out with his proposal for a new tax plan. Every politician comes out with his own plans and proposals, but Jimmy wondered if voters pay any attention to the specifics. So we went out on the street and found people who claimed to support Hillary Clinton and asked those people about her tax plan. What they didn’t know is that the tax plan we presented them with was not Hillary Clinton’s. It was Donald Trump’s.

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  • Ethyn Stlys 5 years ago

    2:54 spider man in the back eound

  • M.Mystify 5 years ago

    Now people vote for the person, not the policy 🙁

  • OleDrunken Bawss 5 years ago

    Love how stupid most Americans are…. They don’t even know who they vote
    for they just hear or see somebody saying something on facebook or at work.
    Then think man that is a horrible person to vote for. If anybody doesn’t
    vote for trump then you don’t care about American AT ALL plain and simple.

  • Máté 5 years ago

    Proof that people are just voting based on sympathy.

  • A. Mark 5 years ago

    I feel bad for the educated Americans who are voting for the president they
    believe will make the country better and are well aware of the candidate
    plans, because the majority are as dumb as the ones in this video. Voting
    for Hillary solely because you want a female president for the first time
    is the most moronic thing ever.

  • joecugo 5 years ago

    Democracy it can’t go wrong

  • Ryan Sandoval 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders will destroy Hillary Clinton. He’s already only 6 points
    behind her nationally.

  • FOREVER BRENIDA 5 years ago

    I can’t take Donald Trump seriously and as a president that’s crazy!

  • Piano Lady 5 years ago

    Hillary Clinton was a horrible Secretary of State. What could possibly make
    anyone think that she should be president? Seems that the average person on
    the street is very poorly informed and basing what they know on incorrect
    assumptions. Because of Hillary’s actions or lack of same, soldiers
    needlessly lost their lives. The Arabs, China, and Putin are not going to
    have any respect at all for any woman president and our leadership role in
    the world keep going down the toilet. The poor woman has been through
    enough. Do Hillary a favor and don’t vote for her.

  • Moon Man 5 years ago

    American sheeps

  • WTFproductionCrew 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders 2016!!!

  • ℬlεnk 5 years ago

    I can’t even… Do they even like, read?

  • No Proof EG 5 years ago

    progressive demtards in a nutshell… Votes for candidates based on looks
    and gender.

  • Hugh G. Rection 5 years ago

    If you like Hillary you’re a dumbass plain and simple

  • Wawasjohn 5 years ago

    U don’t hate him u just think u do from the media brainwashing u. I love
    how people don’t even know what he stands for but hate him with a passion
    for no reason. While Hillary has the worse morales and is pretty much a

  • A J M A L 5 years ago

    Spider Man at 2:50 XD

  • Jon Lee 5 years ago

    The sad thing is this is like 99% of Americans. They vote for people when
    they don’t even understand the policies they are voting for.

  • o01q2w3e 5 years ago

    standard idiots…you can always make these kind of videos because this is
    probably 80%+ of the american public who vote

    i dont support politicians and i damn sure wouldnt be caught on camera
    riding a politicians dick especially when you dont even know why you
    “support” them


  • Peter Savad 5 years ago


  • Tuan Do 5 years ago

    This election is a joke!

  • Grant0226 5 years ago

    Stupid Libs

  • TheAnniepies 5 years ago

    Under Trump taxes would go up for the very rich????


    According to an analysis by Citizens for Tax Justice, households in the top
    one per cent would KEEP an additional (on average) $180,000 per year.

    You feel for a dishonest Trump sound bite, Jimmy, and even worse, you
    advertised it for him.

  • Logan Garrison 5 years ago

    anything is better than killary

  • savior02 5 years ago

    Ignorant sheeple you all better vote for trump if you still want a

  • Ben Protzmann 5 years ago

    TRUMP 2016!
    Nuff said …

  • jkcrusher18 5 years ago

    If you plan on voting for Hillary just because you want a female president,
    get out.

  • Um Hu 5 years ago

    Why does it sound like Jimmy is some mob boss when he says “I’d like to
    talk to him tomorrow”

  • Kinosis79 5 years ago

    If you are like the people in this video and have no clue what a candidate
    supports, and just like or hate a candidate based on your party or what the
    daily show tells you, please just stay home and don’t vote. You are making
    the Country a worse place through your ignorance. If you are not informed,
    don’t vote.

    And on a side note, being a woman isn’t a qualification for being
    President. If you vote for someone simply because they are female, that is
    sexist. You are making a decision based on nothing but someone’s sex.

  • CrucialConflict 5 years ago

    Vote for Spiderman.

  • J C 5 years ago

    STUPID Hillary Supporters….. destroyed by Liberal TV host…. jajajaja

  • Ivan Matyushov 5 years ago

    When the black women speaks, there’s a far Spider-Man in the background

  • jtmagicman25 5 years ago

    If Trump keeps coming up with these actually great ideas, I’m going to vote
    for the first time. I’m 31.

  • David Wayne 5 years ago

    Shocked the liberal media would air this on TV

  • Manu El-Ocho 5 years ago

    Those tax plans are terrible btw

  • JOEJOE MARLIN 5 years ago

    People, if you want a woman in the white house vote for Carly Fiorina

  • donguk kim 5 years ago

    Well, it is true that Trump’s tax plan is rather left-winged.

  • S WADE 5 years ago

    LOL @ all of the democraps who are so desperate to pledge support to a
    candidate that isn’t a soon-to-be felon or orange pervert, they support the
    outspoken, USSR honeymooning socialist with mustard stains on his tie,
    cheap suits, and crazy hair without even remotely thinking about the
    consequences to THEMSELVES should he be elected.

  • JBlizzyFan 5 years ago

    america is doomed

  • Rachel Johnston 5 years ago

    john kasich

  • Sultaan Ahmad 5 years ago

    that’s not even truth of trump’s plan! he’s still giving himself and the
    rest of the corporations a low flat tax lol

  • posoleesgood 5 years ago

    There are many more candidates than just those two. Dig deeper than CNN and
    FOX. Bernie 2016 #feelthebern

  • Will 5 years ago

    Just because Hillary has a vagina doesn’t mean she’d be a great president,
    she’s just another shill for big corporations. #FeelTheBern

  • meow 5 years ago

    Bernie sanders !!

  • West Kagle 5 years ago

    . At least they were all gracious victims (except, of course, the “it’s
    time we had a woman in the White House” one.

  • TheGreatDebtpression 5 years ago

    F’ing sheep…

  • Tripp Glisson 5 years ago

    Well, I support Donald Trump then… 2:41-2:49

  • Kurt Cocaine 5 years ago

    Electing an individual based upon their identity (e.g. whether they have a
    vagina or not) is a good way to screw up the country. Pick your president
    based upon merit and their policies, not their gender or their race.
    Haven’t we leaned this having had Obama for 8 years? If you vote for
    Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, you don’t deserve to vote.

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the
    average voter.” – Winston Churchill

  • Schiboo 5 years ago

    2:48 : That dude walking :D

  • NubieGTAS 5 years ago

    bernie 2016

  • kwang-won Chung 5 years ago

    No offense but people who say that “its about time that we have a women in
    the White House” seems very unintelligent, that’s not very a good reason. I
    mean being President is not about your gender, skin, or anything like that.
    It’s about who’s best fit to lead the country! That being said GO

  • Gonçalo Coelho 5 years ago


  • Michael Cohen 5 years ago

    That is why there was a book written called “Myth of the Rational Voter”,
    because it’s people like this that are 99% of the electorate and is why we
    have so many bad politicians

  • superfinevids 5 years ago

    bernie sanders….

  • Jovan 5 years ago

    I vote Jimmy Kimmel for President cause makes funny jokes better than the
    other candidates

  • Chris Booth 5 years ago

    If you support Hillary solely for being a woman, you are an idiot. If you
    support Hillary for who she is, you are also an idiot. I will bet every
    dollar I have that she does not get the Democratic nominee. The other
    reason her numbers are as high as they are, is because her only oppositions
    are a socialist (Bernie Sanders) and a decent guy that apologized for
    saying that all lives matter (Martin O’Malley). The Democratic party is in
    shambles and the second that Joe Biden finally decides to run, Hillary’s
    numbers will go down the drain. Very few EDUCATED liberals support Hillary
    and Sanders because they both have extremely unrealistic and impractical
    policies that won’t work in the real world. The socially aware Democrats
    like O’Malley and Biden because they make some sense. Biden is literally
    polling 25% support and is not even running yet. The second he announces,
    he will surpass 50% and just keep rising.

  • Unshackledtruth 5 years ago

    You stole Howard stern’s idea from years ago, he did exactly the same thing
    but still hilarious.

  • PsychobillyStompin' 5 years ago

    Notice how no democrats or liberals are upset by this video. But if it was
    Trump they’re making fun of. Republicans would be raging in the comment
    section. And they call us butthurt pussys.

  • James Smith 5 years ago

    Why haven’t we had a woman in the White House? Once one who is worthy to
    run and be in that position then maybe I’ll vote for her, but until then

  • Dalton Leblanc (Dalanc) 5 years ago

    Don’t vote Hillary just because you want to see a woman in the White House.
    Vote burnie Sanders because you want to make your country a better place.

  • haven1095 5 years ago

    Foolish people

  • Philip Boardman 5 years ago

    To be fair, these people really didn’t make themselves look stupid. It was
    funny though.

  • EmoryM 5 years ago

    “we need a president with a vagina!” is sexism.

  • 1 AlaskanAssassin 5 years ago

    It’s a funny bit, but it does show once again, that most people are idiots
    and vote purely based on who they like, which is sad, and they should be
    publicly embarrassed and shamed.

  • Tactical Persuader 5 years ago

    Democrats will ruin this country. Trump 2016.

  • hilarious909 5 years ago

    well split my d**k and call me caitlyn
    lol jk

  • marudoethiopia 5 years ago

    They were all very honest after the big reveal.

  • Rufus Leakin 5 years ago

    Prime example of low information voters. Pathetic!

  • aznpb65 5 years ago

    That chick is a classic uniformed feminist twat who knows nothing but will
    fight for her stance to the bitter end. You are a dumb clam, shut up.

  • W Ww 5 years ago

    Want to solve this issue. Have a test before every election that includes
    history, civics, and political current events, before allowing someone to
    vote. Sorry, but we should not let stupid people vote.

  • mad dusa 5 years ago

    omg. people are so stupid.

  • juliette catalan 5 years ago

    i guess anyone without any structure can run for president nowadays. “i
    will make america great again” HOW??? “i just will” lmao trump is lame, if
    you’re going to support trump just kys. there are other candidates with
    actual thinking brains you know

  • Jrion 5 years ago

    Hillary sucks.

  • Roger “That” H 5 years ago

    I honestly don’t mind paying taxes as long as it goes towards something
    worth giving to.

  • Tyubirocks1 5 years ago

    People saying that they support things they don’t even know about. Socrates
    rolling in his grave.

  • Brandon Neubert 5 years ago

    Hillary supporters are as dumb as she is!

  • Dan Schumann 5 years ago

    I’m glad that one guy said he would “support Donald Trump then”. Yea I mean
    otherwise he would have to eat all the agreements he had just done.

  • Daniel Snelen 5 years ago

    See America? This is why we can’t have good presidents. People is dumb.

  • steve tafe 5 years ago

    lol, we need a female president. i guess the best person for the job is no
    longer the gold standard.

  • The Law 5 years ago

    This is how uneducated our voters are, unbelievable….

  • Gee Talk 5 years ago

    Best was that black dude :D, vote for TRUMP people!

  • Michael Robins 5 years ago

    Blacks envy Donald trump

  • Harim Rothman 5 years ago

    It would be great to have the first female President.

    Remember how many said the end of the world would with the first black
    President? Everything just got better under Obama.

  • Fresh Urb 5 years ago

    and people wonder why we actually get the government we deserve!

  • Revolio Clockberg Jr 5 years ago

    I think a lot of people are missing the fact that educated & informed
    people actually really like Trump for legitimate reasons. The far left
    marginalizes Trump & his constitutes by labeling anyone who supporters him
    a racist, xenophobic, redneck dumbass, essentially silencing any form of
    debate. I find this overtly dismissive & unacedemic. Among many other
    positives, He is completely free to expose political corruption, campaign
    finance laws, special interests, & lobbyists because he is 100% financing
    his own campaign. & as Trump himself would say, that is YUUUUGE

  • forsmanos 5 years ago

    Gurdram imma gonn vote hillary she a a womyn and we nned a womyn in the
    vhite house.

  • Dee T. 5 years ago

    yeah cut all taxes,make america bankrupt and blame it on the

  • WaffleAssasinX3 5 years ago

    Coming from a Women, the thought of having a female president is nice and
    all BUT what is more important? Having a female president or a president
    that is going to run this country well? How about we start paying more
    attention to number two?

  • Zizusami _ 5 years ago

    Bernie is the best

  • Halonub661 5 years ago

    Can’t take Kimmel seriously with his beard it’s not a bad beard but still.

  • Tyler Wae 5 years ago

    I feel as if people don’t realize that the republicans have a female
    candidate too. Its just that the average republican is actually educated
    enough to look at policies rather than just a pair of knockers.

  • Mars_vzx 5 years ago

    Sanders 2016!

  • mckenzie hall 5 years ago


  • Ragg muff 5 years ago

    To many 3 syllable word were used..

  • Dallas Kernighan 5 years ago

    Its unfortunate that so many people cant fully understand just how smart
    and hard working Trump is. I am Canadian and I wish he was our leader.

  • og hamburghini 5 years ago

    Spidey in the background, ready to deliver some justice @ 2:48

  • TrailRiderMTB 5 years ago

    This was excellent! Nice work, Jimmy Kimmel!

  • Dolphin 5 years ago

    These people have no idea what the interviewer is even saying.

    “Uhh…. Yeah… I support that.”

    It’s pathetic, come on people. At least get some basic knowledge on these
    subjects. These policies are going to be affecting you personally, the good
    and the bad, why wouldn’t you want to know about them? Stop blindly voting
    for someone because of their physical appearances.

    “The only thing I really know about this person is they are a woman/ this
    person is black and it’s time we have someone other than a white guy as

    If you go into a voting booth and that’s all you know about the candidates,
    just don’t bother voting at all, you’re not helping anyone or even
    yourself. It’s not a game, don’t be a sheep.


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