Hillary Rodham Clinton on How Her 2016 Campaign Became the Story of a Movement

Published on March 5, 2020

Hillary Rodham Clinton talks to Jimmy about how her Hulu docuseries, Hillary, turned into a story about the women’s movement, partisan politics and her life of service. 

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  • CRAKKA 7 months ago

    Jimmy, Jimmy, jimmy… Again mate!.. Not looking good.

  • theultimateninja 7 months ago

    How is she not in jail yet?

  • ted brant 7 months ago

    Hahahahah a movement of what on how to lose and have people “commit suicide”

  • Harsh Sinha 7 months ago

    Her campaign was a disaster🤣

  • Alchemi713 7 months ago

    I wish people would stop talking to her like her opinions on anything matter. This dinosaur needs to go extinct.

  • Eye of the Storm 7 months ago

    Fuck you killery! Fuck you Fallon! Give me a fucking break. Fallon you are part of the problem. Fabricated …. truly criminal

  • Yabin Jose 7 months ago

    Dude first of all she’s an anti Christ so is her daughter who bragged abt it don’t believe look it up the whole Clinton family is a part of tis anti Christ thing also can’t believe Jimmy wud be with her and call her on tis show jus to support her more I wudnt call her a crazy bitch and trash talk abt her but it’s jus known facts tat u guys cud check her out on and the pizzagate thing is still not closed and is still not a a false accusation and be always careful of ur children everyone be safe

  • T 7 months ago

    Ugh, lock her up already. Save the children. And our ears.

  • malcolm D 7 months ago

    *Unzips pants

  • Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez 7 months ago

    Pedophile ring with epstein. They were involved. Clintons

  • paper rocks 7 months ago

    Biggest liar that ever lived

  • Kanye Rae Jepsen 7 months ago

    Ah yes the most hated American. Great guess.

  • bobo 7 months ago

    That bitch just don’t die

  • DN user 7 months ago

    Yes let’s show the movement that lose to the superior one god bless trump!

  • Plague Doc 7 months ago

    Nothing like having a serial killer on your show.

  • d ミ 7 months ago

    i’m confused, why’d they include rodham too lmao

  • maherk22 7 months ago

    I despise Trump, but if Biden wins the ticket and the DNC screws Bernie over yet again, then I hope it’s another 4 years of Trump.
    Corporate democrats are as corrupt and power hungry as the Republicans.

  • nargis fatima 7 months ago

    See is civilized lady not like us keep it up super

  • GGOBaby 7 months ago

    I really felt sorry for Jimmy Fallon tonight having to interview Hillary Clinton. 🙄🤔 But I still love ya though, Your such a handsome Gentleman & I’ve always loved your shows except tonight’s sorry Jimmy 😥
    I most bet the show ratings even went down tonight too. Sorry just being honest here. But anyway please Keep up the fabulous work & outstanding shows Jimmy we all love you!❤ Even all the way from From South Arkansas.. May you always stay Blessed.. 🤗🥰 🤩Sending you lots of Love & hugs your way..
    Yours Truly, Gwen Odya

  • Fantasy's Land 7 months ago

    Why they still call her for this show? She’s a criminal. She should be in jail.
    She didn’t even win the election.


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