Hillary Clinton: It’s A ‘Fair Request’ To Ask FBI To Investigate Kavanaugh Allegations

Published on September 22, 2018

Former Secretary of State and ‘What Happened’ author Hillary Clinton believes it would be easy and appropriate for the FBI to investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations of Brett Kavanaugh.

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  • eby saju 2 years ago

    Great interview ?

  • amBIdextrous 2 years ago

    I’m fed up with this political process, and I’m not even American.

  • Kara L 2 years ago

    Anyone that wants to attack Hillary, should attack ALL neo liberals. She is just your average politician but when people start comparing her to Trump, I can’t comprehend that. There is NO comparison. Trump is a sociopathic, moronic, rapist who should be put in solitary confinement in a straitjacket.

  • Kavin Ravichandran 2 years ago

    The future of the democratic party will only be successful if HRC, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are replaced by those who embrace Bernie’s ongoing revolution.

  • HitchensImmortal 2 years ago

    The actual president. Nice.

  • Serprizebuttsecks 2 years ago

    Oh man I can’t wait for this comment section!

  • LoveliAngelVibes 2 years ago

    “No I have no sympathy “…. it’s just something about the way she answers….she doesn’t play, I can tell.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Perfect example of how the ones who really obstruct are the Reps. They even obstruct due process on their own guy.

  • Abdi Osman 2 years ago

    Trump: The electoral college president.

    Hillary Clinton: The peoples’ president.

  • T - 800 2 years ago

    Isn’t Trump the 400 pounder that tweeeeeets all the damn time ?

  • argedismun2 2 years ago

    If you don’t like her why are you here viewing

  • owen bright 2 years ago

    Try and get Trump to talk about anything for 5 minutes straight without him making it about himself or just waffling off into babble.

  • Bad80y1 2 years ago

    There you go America. This could of been your President had you not voted for a ABSOLUTE CLOWN!

    Love her or hate her, at least she can finish sentences with big words. LMAO!! I’d take a baby over Chump anyday.. What a waste.

  • Unfitproduct Airborne 2 years ago

    Cyber warfare is an act of war, period, This is the modern area it should be seen and protected. The U.S.(underfunded cyber security) is getting it’s ass kicked; The old one’s don’t know how to respond.

  • Dahn 2 years ago

    Why this channel cannot label the parts of the show properly is baffling and annoying.

    1) Hillary Clinton Never Had To Steal Things From Obama’s Desk
    2) Hillary Clinton: It’s A ‘Fair Request’ To Ask FBI To Investigate Kavanaugh Allegations
    3) Hillary Clinton On Whether A President Can Be Subpoenaed, Indicted

  • Masson H 2 years ago

    Hillary is not really likeable. But she has been in the White House for 16 years, and has seen more then anyone else. Also, she’s smart and knows how to get things done and how to behave. She would have been a fantastic president, but the Election is now a TV popularity show. Lincoln would never have been elected?

  • Jigyesh Shah 2 years ago

    I just have one question why people hate her… For an outsider and non American whatever ive read all investigation against her found nothing wrong with what she did (including one’s lead by opposition party) so why is she still considered to the personification of evil by Americans?

  • So Ni 2 years ago

    This world would be completely different had she, the DNC, and media not stolen the primary from Bernie. BERNIE 2020.

  • spaceflipflops 2 years ago

    You go girl!


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