Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running For Anyone Else’s Third Term



  • Naveen 5 years ago

    Hillary is under an FBI investigation b/c she blatantly lied to America,
    hid and destroyed government emails, and put our security at risk by
    illegally keeping classified documents on her persona servers. She can’t be
    trusted with the Presidency.

  • katra 5 years ago

    Money out of politics. They’ll never bring that up.

  • Dominic S 5 years ago

    Dang! So many dislikes. I don’t like her but disliking this video hurts
    Steven’s channel not her.

  • Nahom Seifu 5 years ago

    Shame on you, Colbert! What happened when you moved to CBS?

  • etphonegemini 5 years ago

    #hillary2016 #imwithher

  • 3jw 5 years ago

    I don’t care what gender she is. She is such a robot.

  • dalthorn 5 years ago

    #DarthMart2016 he’s not the Sith we need but the one we deserve.

  • Arjun Krishnamurthy 5 years ago

    Hillary talks about putting the middle class in the center in front of the
    scene. But behind the scene, she takes money for her campaign from those
    150+ rich families! #FeelTheBern

  • arush sub 5 years ago

    Her words are copied from Sanders
    Her body language is copied from President Obama

  • scratchfg212 5 years ago

    “I’m a woman, republicans are wrong, the middle class is awesome bla bla
    bla bla” buzzwords, buzzwords, buzzwords. When asked about stealing every
    line from Bernie but not wanting to call it democratic socialism she acted
    as if the question was never asked. She answered with more buzzwords. Damn,
    I would have loved it if Elizabeth Warren ran. She was the complete package
    and would have taken all the women vote from Clinton because that is her
    one “advantage” over Bernie.

  • Garry Maurice 5 years ago

    The irrational hate towards this brilliant and influential woman by Sanders
    supporters — un-beer-drinking-like as she may seem — is more sickening
    than any partisan Fox News slander I’ve ever seen. Freud would literally
    have a field day with this kind of group behaviour. You should all be

  • Heroic Love 5 years ago

    This is our next president of the United States. Bernie has a talent for
    getting the crowd hype, he can be her vice, but she IS the next president.

  • mcflickle 5 years ago

    I really want to like her, i just dont know if i can trust her.

  • Jake Garcia 5 years ago

    No one trusts you. Bernie 2016

  • Lintlikr1 5 years ago

    she says “god given” too much. I wouldn’t mind her as a president but that
    religious shit has to stop.

  • Ed E Sparks 5 years ago

    I’m like #666

  • Aleksandar Bogdanoski 5 years ago

    Unbelievable how she’s moving further left with every following public
    appearance, just because of Sanders’ success… Such a demagogue, no wonder
    more and more people recognize her ‘authenticity’!

  • FreakinWayne 5 years ago

    I dont like her because she seems to get excited to be president. She WANTS
    to be president for the idea of being the president not for anything else.
    She is fake fake fake.

  • Jake Garcia 5 years ago

    She copies everything Bernie says and constantly contradicts herseel

  • policeman198705 5 years ago

    She makes a very convincing argument. But, unlike her, my candidates don’t
    have to lie through their teeth to give their facts. her argument is to
    make the wealthy pay more. Ok, let’s say we increase taxes on the
    super-rich. Then I suppose that the middle class will then be the focus of
    her policies? Wroooooong!!! Instead, those super-rich job creators won’t be
    hiring anyone in the middle class for new and better paying jobs, they
    won’t have the funds to. They’ll be closing up locations, laying people
    off, decreasing wages and cutting benefits back to keep from going
    bankrupt. President Bush did indeed inherit a surplus however; which came
    from a republican run Congress. You need to remember that budgets come from
    Congress, NOT from the President. He does however have to sign them into
    law. Or veto them. Was President Bush perfect? Of course not! Was Clinton?
    Of course not! But the difference between Clinton and Bush is that Bush
    wanted to help those who help themselves. Clinton wanted to help those who
    leach off of the system which gets it’s funding from We the People!!! If
    you’re unemployed and for an extended period of time use the funds that the
    gov’t gives you through welfare services, you aren’t paying anything into
    the system because you don’t have a job to pay taxes on. So, you’re
    leaching from those that do have jobs and do pay into the system!

    Her husband wanted universal healthcare like Obamacare. But the Republican
    Congress shut him down thank goodness. Because they knew that it would only
    do more damage than decreasing taxes would. My insurance for example is
    going up exponentially due to Obamacare! I’ll be paying 75% more by January
    1st to compensate for Obamacare.

    The only way to make the private sector (“super-rich” AKA JOB CREATORS who
    employ the middle-class) flourish is to lower the tax burden, and the
    regulatory burden being imposed by the gov’t and EPA so that the private
    sector (“super-rich” AKA JOB CREATORS who employ the middle-class) aren’t
    paying putting all the money that they would normally use to create more
    jobs that people want; into more government interference programs. That is
    why we Conservatives say that the government needs to stay out of the way!
    Not look the other way, but get OUT OF the way!!! The way to prosperity!!!

  • geerhoar 5 years ago

    I wish more of the people posting here had lived through the Cold War and
    would read the news about how Europe is dealing with a Welfare system they
    can no longer afford. I also wish many of the people posting would not be
    so mysogynistic and admit that you are uncomfortable with a female
    politician behaving as would a male politician (i.e., shifty). Please study
    Socialism throughout history, and the USA’s failed War on Poverty, and
    perhaps you won’t be calling me names for being socially liberal, but more
    fiscally conservative than are you. I hope there can be a place in the
    Democratic and Republican parties for centrist. I would also like to see
    young people prosper, but it is scary that young people are not well-taught
    , these days, and believe that economics is a zero sum game, as evidenced
    by many undereducated comments on this and any other video that has to do
    with HRC vs BS.

  • James Bond 5 years ago

    paid audience

  • Alex Bernard 5 years ago

    I just lost respect for Colbert.

  • Joe s 5 years ago

    She stole her whole platform from Sanders!!! She is a flip-flopping,
    approval seeking, media whore!!! No body ever had to tell Bernie the
    difference between right and wrong. He always made the right vote on his
    own. Here are some difference’s between the two, or some things Clinton
    copied (yet).

    Bernie-voted FOR marriage equality in 1996 Clinton-voted AGAINST
    marriage equality in 1996- She was anti-gay rights! Bernie-For the
    decriminalization of marijuana on federal level Clinton-Against the
    decriminalization of marijuana. Bernie-For single payer
    health care (FOR-health care as a right) Clinton-Against single payer
    (FOR-health care as a privilege)Bernie-Abolish private prisons (End Prison
    for Profit) Clinton-Against abolishing private prison (keep
    prison for profit) Bernie-Has always and will always take the just an moral
    position. Clinton-Nothing listed above is either, just or moral.

    What is single payer health care? What will it do for me and
    my family? Single payer health care means that the government provides
    universal health care to every American citizen as a right. Universal
    health care means every American will be covered for dental and vision as
    well. What it means for you is that no American citizen (i.e. you, your
    grandma) will ever be denied the prescription medication they need, because
    insurance doesn’t cover it. No American citizen will be denied the surgery
    they need, because insurance doesn’t cover it. This may sound crazy, but
    wait till you, your father, grandfather, or even your child, have heart
    problems and need surgery that insurance wont pay for. And if you cant pay
    30% of the 300,000 dollars up front, the hospital will refuse you the
    surgery. If you are wealthy you get to live. That is health care as a
    privilege. And that is what we have right now. This is the only one of
    Bernie’s policies that may cost the average Joe a bump in taxes. An
    increase of 2% maximum, and it may end up being less than that. But for
    everything a Single Payer Universal Health Care System would do for me, my
    family, my neighbor, and my country, it is well worth my 2%.
    #FeelTheBern #AbolishPrivatePrison #Bernie2016 #LegalizeIt

  • Joel Miller 5 years ago

    Amnesia? Does she think we don’t remember how she supported the TPP trade
    deal, opposed gay marriage, actively lobbied for the 94 crime bill that
    lead to mass incarcerations, discrimination against Black people, led to
    the growth of the private prison (traded on Wall Street) industry? Did she
    think we’re going to forget about all the Wall Street money she’s taken
    while supporting Wall street deregulation?

  • Ed E Sparks 5 years ago

    she is the best…

  • Kruezerman 5 years ago

    Bernie is perfect. He can do no wrong.


  • The Electrocist 5 years ago

    Bernie 2016

  • Groovy Ish 5 years ago

    All those goats clapping for no reason smh

  • trha2222 5 years ago

    This woman is pure evil.

  • Groovy Ish 5 years ago


  • mcclurelauren14 5 years ago

    Lol if you hate Hillary so much why do you watch her videos? Go watch a
    Bernie video

  • MrAdventureFriends 5 years ago

    I just came to the comment section for the Bernie circlejerk

  • Dope Boom 5 years ago

    Guys please even if bernie loses dont allow GOP to get back in WH.

  • gumpmaster42 5 years ago

    You are a fool if you trust Hillary Clinton. It’s very easy to see where
    her loyalties lie. She answers to the billionaires that give the Clinton
    foundation and her super pacs millions of dollars. Please look in to Bernie
    Sanders policies and his record of defending those policies if you are
    thinking about voting for Hillary. She is not on your side.

  • GrinchGames 5 years ago


  • max 5 years ago

    Bernie 2016

  • alamandrax 5 years ago

    Stop! Do not scroll further. The comments are going to give you cancer. You
    have been warned.

  • Bob Saget Lover 5 years ago

    oh hillary, bernie already has the young vote. move on.

  • Ivan Chacon 5 years ago

    Hillary is fake…she is molded by her aides and her track record shows
    political expediency. Bernie Sanders’ record is extremely consistent, he
    believes in the issues! #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern

  • dan stone 5 years ago

    Hillary cackle there it is again.

  • EPIC MOMENTS 5 years ago

    How do people get seduced by this woman?

  • Paul Clay (Paul4AllSeasons) 5 years ago

    she’s saying everything bernie has been saying this whole time

  • IXM360 5 years ago

    Very interesting at 0:49 Hillary says “God given potential” which is
    clearly a scripted, thought out line, could be read as follows – the fact
    Hillary has boosted her polling numbers from the debate earlier this month
    – that could indicate that she has pretty much all but won the Democratic
    nomination. She may now be looking forward all the way to appealing to
    Republican voters, or floating voters in the south with this line that
    might appeal to their sensibilities, its very much a thing a Republican
    candidate would say almost every day, shes already trying to appeal to
    America, not just Democrats which says a lot about how she thinks of her
    chances in 2016

  • Jacques Nomdefamille 5 years ago

    To the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people on Bernie’s side,
    put your money where your mouth is and go out to vote in the PRIMARIES.
    Make sure if you need to register as a Democrat in your state. Make sure
    Wall Street Hillary is NOT the nominee, no matter how much media attention
    she gets.

  • Bunnyhood 5 years ago

    GOP > Democrats
    Animals > Hillary Clinton

  • Alex Aguila 5 years ago

    Hilary is the new Romney. this further solidifies her as a power-hungry
    media-attention grabbing corrupted politician. Get Generation X(those who
    still watch television news a.k.a. Your Parents) to go on the Internet and
    see which presidential candidate people find most favorable on here. Spread
    the word.

  • Maureen McLean 5 years ago

    She is so smart, and has so much experience. Why would you vote for a
    Doctor, or a Businessman with no experience. Really??

  • Joshua Ruffin 5 years ago

    Wow, that interview could not be any more fluff! Ted Cruz was on Colbert
    and was asked hard lined questions making him answer for critic’s opinions
    of him….meanwhile the most likely Democratic candidate comes on and the
    hardest question she gets is: Which pizza is better? Chicago or NY?Grow a
    pair of balls Colbert and be consistent one time. This entire interview was
    a layup to making that robot seem more personable and letting her drop her
    scripted lines as if she’s “witty”.What a disgrace!

  • Corey Cavagnolo 5 years ago

    Top contributor to her campaign: Citigroup Inc.

  • moiraine_damodred 5 years ago

    stop fucking clapping after every utterance.
    goddamn idiots

  • Murda Incorp 5 years ago

    She wont drop Bushes name lol..

  • accidentprown 5 years ago


  • luke mcqueeney 5 years ago

    Goldman sachs

  • koelho27 5 years ago

    Just like here in Brazil – and I think it goes like this anywhere in the
    World – the “We need to” phrase is the most annoying speech of every
    politician. And she knows a lot about it. For 20 years, maybe more.

  • luke mcqueeney 5 years ago


  • luke mcqueeney 5 years ago

    bank of america

  • luke mcqueeney 5 years ago

    owns her

  • fuchusen666 5 years ago

    Shillary Clintonian getting the old softball ass licking by the great
    Colbert? He could have kicked a little ass at least, but CBS probably was
    keeping the reigns pretty tight on this one. Her wormy, slimy, bullshit on
    how she would deal with the banks and Wall Street show that she is in their
    pocket and will not break up the big banks, no Glass-Stegal, yes to TPP and
    Keystone XL and we will just have to sit and watch her go back on
    everything she has said to sound like Bernie right now in the campaign.
    Let’s not go with someone we know will say what is expedient, let’s go with
    the true believer, the real deal and that is Bernie. Fuck You shills of the
    ultra rich, we Feel the Bern!

  • MUSIC7121995 5 years ago

    The Middle Class is not an invention of the United States…

  • Jaymie Gonzales 5 years ago

    Do people just go on every Hillary Clinton related video and dislike it?

  • Joseph Cooper 5 years ago

    I love how serious Colbert gets when he talks to presidential candidates.

  • alexbjjperez 5 years ago

    Hilary sounds fake

  • Jaymie Gonzales 5 years ago

    Hillary isn’t copying Bernie Sanders, she has been in the race longer and
    she’s been saying this since day 1.

  • Aquaman 5 years ago

    Clinton says Amnesia and everyone loses their minds… lol. Gtfo

  • backdraftvideos 5 years ago

    We don’t like you Hillary. The Internet, I mean

  • Anthony Marin 5 years ago

    Don’t worry people she will tell her top campaign contributors (Wall Street
    banks) to “cut it out” again! Bernie’s approach is to break up the banks.

  • Top Ten Man 5 years ago

    Did she ever say what policies she supports will help the middle class? I
    know raising taxes or keeping them at the current rate isn’t helping. :(

  • y cg 5 years ago

    It’s scary how she never commits to anything. That’s why my guy is bernie
    he tells what his for and why his for it.

  • Bobchillingworth 5 years ago

    Is she wearing Torah earrings?

  • Alex Zambrano 5 years ago

    Should I like or dislike? I like all of Stephen’s videos but I also don’t
    support Hillary. What should I do?

  • Pradhan Thandra 5 years ago

    They wooed for everyone including Trump, what the…!!!!!!

  • Brian Vaira 5 years ago

    I think Stephen dropped the ball with this interview. With all the other
    presidential candidates, he asked very tough questions like he should. But
    with this interview, he only asked a bunch of soft ball questions.

  • BuyAnAxe 5 years ago

    answer the question hillary

  • Pictura 5 years ago

    What a lying hawk this lady is. Yuck Im glad im not an American these days.

  • Dovahkiff 5 years ago

    she’s just copying what Bernie says to get more support, don’t expect her
    to act on what she says she’ll do

  • Android_Z 5 years ago

    Hillary is a robot. She is a shell of a human being, and you can see the
    marionettes that control her.

  • Hassaan M 5 years ago

    I thought Bernie Sanders was playing a Halloween prank until there was no

  • Rooot Zeeer 5 years ago

    Ben Carson is too black to win….. he’s not Obama, Obama is %50 black %50
    Trump is just too stupid…

  • Iasleepful 5 years ago

    Why are Bernie supporters so violent? Hilary brings to the table more than
    Bernie offers, so why can’t we have both?

  • Myra Evans 5 years ago

    She admitted that she LIED to the AMERICAN PEOPLE and told her Family the
    truth that it was a TERRORIST ATTACK!
    I guess LYING to the AMERICAN people qualifies you to b PRESIDENT!

  • Jeremy McDevitt 5 years ago

    Hillary is saying what Bernie said on your show and you gave him shit for
    it, but it comes from Hillary and you eat it up. Figures.

  • Albert Esteva 5 years ago


  • Joe Kohle 5 years ago

    It’s upsetting that she’s going to be our president

  • Marshall Wright 5 years ago

    What kind of shoe is Hillary?

    A flip flop.

  • Fitzger00 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders !! I’m finally voting to get somebody in the presidency that
    wants to make a difference.

  • Stefan De Battista 5 years ago

    is she willing to say anything to get elected? seems like she has been
    watching a lot of bernie sanders speeches lately…..which resulted in the
    above 7 minutes…hopefully people understand who speaks from the
    heart….or who speaks only for political gain..

  • chickendinner2012 5 years ago

    Just have one thing to say here, Bernie 2016

  • jpainte06 5 years ago

    A lot of Bernie fans are starting to get a little ridiculous in my opinion.
    He’s definitely my favorite candidate at this point – by far. But he has
    his flaws too. He has a very strange voting record on gun control – and he
    even seemed a bit hypocritical on this topic. That worried me a bit. And
    lets be honest – Hillary is astronomically better than anyone running on
    the other side right now. And while I have found her fake for quite some
    time – I do find her desire to be president and improve this country quite
    sincere. Bill Clinton was a liar, but he knew how to run a country. I don’t
    have any worries with either Bernie or Hillary running the country. I think
    our energy should be more focused on being united in opposition to the
    other side.

  • Susan B 5 years ago

    she doesnt know history:the middle class was “invented” in britain. also,
    it was under her husband’s tenure as president that glass-steagall was
    repealed leading to the financial shenanigans. republican and democrat by
    any other name it is still the same animal, republicans are just more
    upfront about it

  • S. Lee 5 years ago

    This bitch still not in prison yet? weird.

  • Can't Stump The Trump 5 years ago

    Who actually believes anything that comes out of this lying criminal’s
    mouth? Pure scum that has no respect for America.

  • DioOmicida 5 years ago

    Hillary hate below.

  • Kyle M 5 years ago

    I gotta say im very disappointed with this interview. Every other
    presidential candidate got grilled by colbert and that’s why I have been
    watching his show on a regular basis. This was such a softball puff piece.

  • Youtube Game 5 years ago

    Pause at 1 second lol

  • PurpleScarz 5 years ago

    Why wouldn’t Stephen even bring up the several Wall Street banks that are
    actively supporting her campaign with hundreds of thousands in donations?
    That’s a pretty important issue to raise when the candidate is vowing to
    fight those same banks. I guess that wasn’t more important then parachute

  • Alex Jones 5 years ago

    Copying Bernie Sanders’ policies for political expediency is not
    acceptable. Clinton has flip-flopped when it served her interests and she
    has a record of taking corporate money. She is not the president we need.

  • Crimsonphilosophy 5 years ago

    You may have to hold your nose and vote Hillary when Sanders ends up
    endorsing her….


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