Hey White People! With Jon Batiste And Friends, Vol. 2

Published on March 2, 2017

To honor the end of Black History Month, Jon Batiste released a new edition of his important public service announcement series, with help from Anthony Anderson, Padma Lakshmi, Kevin Hart, Tituss Burgess, Yvette Nicole Brown and Gilbert Gottfried.

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  • CHnagecom 3 years ago

    **Grabs popcorn and sits back to read triggered comments**

  • nukeba11 3 years ago

    Can we stop with the white people messages. You don’t see PSA announcements directed at black people.

  • SAMURAI JACK 3 years ago

    White’s can’t take a joke!

  • bouya harumichi 3 years ago

    If it were in the reverse everybody would say it’s racist

  • Zbik04 3 years ago

    Its the calm before the storm ladies and gentlemen. this comment section is about to erupt. god help us all

  • SaphricPCGaming 3 years ago

    This is racist.

  • Mirek Heikkila 3 years ago

    Do a Dear Black People segment..

  • AveryProGreninja 3 years ago

    Now wait for the white people to get triggered.

  • Umang Gupta 3 years ago

    I’m sick of this shit. Saying Hey “Insert Race” People is wrong. JUST WRONG. It divides us.

  • JV Satterwhite 3 years ago

    While I get this is a comedy segment, and I laughed quite a bit at it, I do want to address one thing. Only based on the fact that I’ve heard it used in actual seriousness before.

    When I say “urban people”, I am NOT referring to people of heavily African decent. I am referring 100% to people from urban areas, AKA larger cities. If a white man was born and raised in New York City, he is urban. The black family that lives just down the road from me is NOT urban. Assuming a person means one thing when they say another is just not right, unless they have a provable history of speaking like that.

    Again, I get it, it’s comedy. And it’s cute. But this is something I’ve experienced in person.

  • Ibn Sina 3 years ago

    Needlessly divisive. Sad that you’d stoke the flames for cheap laughs…

  • Umang Gupta 3 years ago

    Shit like this is the reason Republicans win.

  • Abedeuss 3 years ago

    Dear black people.

    Stop killing each other, then blaming police brutality or white people. Black on black violence is few times more prevalent than black on white or cop vs anyone.

  • Nick Jonas 3 years ago

    “WHITE PEOPLE” can’t take a joke!..

  • Victor Kong 3 years ago

    That Kelsey Grammer credit is kinda random lol

  • Ilm0n9mp0 p0c91xd3ai 3 years ago

    DEAR BLACK PEOPLE: using racism to combat racism only equals MORE racism.

  • Sheldon Cooper 3 years ago

    Stephen, this video needs to be BANNED. It triggered me severely by bullying, tormenting and OPRESSING my race. I had to go to a mental hospital because of it and due to my diffused state of mind, I could not – I repeat – could NOT solve a simple physics equation. This video is equal to a genocide, but clearly it is the worst EVER. This is why I demand you take down this video IMMEDIATELY.

    Yours truly,
    Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.

  • Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte 3 years ago

    Hasn’t stephen spent the last year calling Trump a racist?

  • Nathan Dehnel 3 years ago

    >30% dislikes
    ooh, this is going to be juicy.

  • TheRealBeatMaster 3 years ago

    Not mad at the jokes, but these white people/black people jokes are getting a bit stale


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