Hey! Trump Allies Attack Lt. Col. Vindman

Published on October 29, 2019

Seth has some strong words for the critics attacking decorated Iraq War veteran, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, for testifying in the impeachment inquiry.

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  • Ills Solution 10 months ago

    She sounds like this is a comedic act… because it’s so ridiculous AND  her teeth are too big… sorry if this is real …. but… she DOES make it sound… like a really good SNL skit!

  • Jarid Gaming 10 months ago

    Fox News Hosts get Dumber every day

  • Alexandra Todorova 10 months ago

    America – the only place where people get attacked for knowing foreign languages

  • Rosco P Coltrane 10 months ago

    My new daily mantra: “and just when I thought I’d seen everything”

  • Elliot Buring 10 months ago

    Umm… so basically Duffy is super qualified to run for President after being on RW:B then? Look out Pence, Trump just found his perfect running mate.

  • MS. Parker 10 months ago

    Laura Ingram is a Prick

  • Rob Roy 10 months ago

    Maybe instead of attacking patriots for blowing the whistle on criminal activity the Gop should dis-entangle themselves from a President that keeps committing impeachable crimes

  • Tabitha Totten 10 months ago

    Trump never met a war veteran he didnt hate

  • Slique Vic 10 months ago

    Laura just ugh

  • Brenda Winters 10 months ago

    He won’t go quietly into the night!! He’s gonna make ppl wish they never tried to impeach him.

  • K R 10 months ago

    Fox News is the worst.

  • mcostagirl123 10 months ago

    If Fox News stopped caring about the opinions of former reality tv stars it would become unable to represent Trump.

  • Peruano Exquisito y lindo 10 months ago

    A War Veteran and Purple Heath recipient discredited by fools that have never clenched a Fist in Anger lmfao.
    Discreditation is the Weapon of the weak, the only resort for those that have no Plausible Argument.

  • Pat Haigis 10 months ago

    But they like the bone spur asshole…

  • Kenneth Lee 10 months ago

    Dam is this guy BLACK , I’m just saying ,

  • john Barry 10 months ago

    I saw Wolf Blitzer at a Lady Gaga show in DC years ago on my way to go pee. It literally looked like he had just walked off the set, except for a loosened tie.
    I had a buzz, and sadly…didn’t think to get a selfie. ?‍♂️

  • Michelle Rochelle 10 months ago

    Not true, Most Veterans DO NOT watch Fox News. Just sayin….

  • jan van ruth 10 months ago

    how come that all americans claim to love veterans but there are so many homeless veterans living on the street?

  • Rumpled Trumpskin 10 months ago

    I thought American policy was to disperse funds to the Ukraine that were allocated by congress. How is this inconsistent with what you say Vindman wanted? Maybe if Laura Ingraham and the rest of the Neocons stopped riding Trump’s dick for just a moment they’d figure that out.

  • Steven Wolf 10 months ago

    the only thing disgusting is a traitor in uniform


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