Hey! Republicans and the Intelligence Agencies

Published on October 9, 2019

Seth has some strong words for Republicans dismissing the Ukraine scandal involving President Trump because the information comes in part from whistleblowers and officials in the intelligence community.

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  • Conspiracat 9 months ago

    I want to send Trump some peach flavoured mints but I’m afraid he wouldn’t get the joke.

  • Nikki Tea 9 months ago

    It’s funny watching republicans realize In real time that they do have repressed presidency issues.

  • gubberfuck 9 months ago

    It’s over. Even if you love trump it’s over. There is too much evidence. It’s time to stop.

  • mike conley 9 months ago

    We’re gonna need a bigger drone.

  • #MillennialLifeCrisis Blog 9 months ago

    Thanks for being a much needed break from the struggle that is getting through the news cycle.

  • iWill 9 months ago

    Republicans trusted the FBI when it came to emails. Oh the hipocracy. When they stand in front of their “God” maybe they’ll distance themselves from Trump. Of course they’ll still be hell bound.

  • Ben Wasserman 9 months ago

    Hey Republicans, time to do something the Democrats have actually managed to accomplish: GROW A BACKBONE

  • Conspiracat 9 months ago

    Humpty Trumpty lied about a wall
    Humpty Trumpty made a phone call
    All Trumpty’s boot lickers and all Trumpty’s yes men
    Couldn’t save Trumpty from impeachment again.

  • Kifaya Yusuf 9 months ago


  • Hugo Brown 9 months ago

    Why is hitler on your desk?

  • Brent Lee 9 months ago

    Republicans and Intelligence don’t go together.

    Reminder, these are the same people who think fairy tales like Noah’s Ark were real, but refuse to believe the irrefutable science of Climate Change.

  • Entertained2036 9 months ago

    I’m interested to taste food from Le’m Cous de bleuh

  • Dane Massie 9 months ago

    Hell yeah! I went to le cordon blu! Scottsdale Culinary Institute baby all the way!

  • Alex M 9 months ago

    Maybe the CIA should investigate what all these republicans are hiding.Of course they don’t support intelligence,so far they’ve all shown very little of it since Trump’s been in office.

  • indoora 9 months ago

    He said “I do not trust the Obama administration” interesting. I am so sick of a particular type of people.

  • Ry Sun 9 months ago

    The law and order party now hates law and order.

  • bathasleftthecave 9 months ago

    OK but The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is a modern classic

  • fluid creativity 9 months ago

    *Holy Batman hell we’re going to have to build another White House.*

  • silverpurkat 9 months ago

    Of course you don’t trust our systems of government because you know your breaking laws.


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