Hey Kids, Here’s Proof That Vaping is NOT Cool

Published on September 19, 2019

We tried to help keep kids from vaping by introducing a character that was specifically-designed to make vaping look corny and not cool. His name was Vape Dad. We guess that didn’t work, so we went back to the drawing board, gave Vape Dad a new look and had him back to teach kids that e-cigarettes are not cool.

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  • Tea Tea 2 years ago

    But ciggeretts and alcohol is still legal? Okay

  • Vapecrazy 9038 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel must’ve got some of that $876,000 California received last year from MSA money. California gets rich from Bog tobacco. Look up tobacco master settlement act. Just see how much your state recieved. See how many people die every day from a smoking. Vaping ejuice has killed nobody. Vaping illegal thc is killing people

  • Jeff Carter 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel ~ Brought to you by big Tobacco.
    Of course kids shouldn’t vape!
    Idiot! Way to go! Spreading misinformation one lame ass joke at a time. LOSER!

  • Gay Nigger Slave 2 years ago

    Pussy couldn’t even use a real one

  • Pitch Black 2 years ago

    How ironic. So cigarettes is still the best alternative.

  • Ellen Ripley 2 years ago

    This is a cabal…. Those “e-cigs” contained some home made cannabis oil…

  • Plant Maven 2 years ago

    We jumped on vaping, but no gun control. Einstein said doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity.

  • PorkyPricklyPants 2 years ago

    ..these people vaping are smoking drugs pure nicotine ect…its not weed morons..these kids are making homemade liquids to smoke… but no care in the world of the drugs pouring into america and killing 10’s of 1,000’s a yr..and now this is a crisis because its teens and the liberals got to pretend they care about children even tho they support abortion and taking care of illegal alien children..such arrogant, self-centered, self righteous, narcissistic, superiority complex people

  • beatleme2 2 years ago

    There’s cases of people who have been smoking cigarettes for years and never get cancer being its hereditary anyway, and only 1 or 2 years after vaping they had severe lung problems, which shows vaping may be worse than smoking – kids vaping to b cool is bs, vaping to quit smoking was the idea – and tobacco flavors mimics the cig to quit smoking, so im all for this as a smoker n use vaping – this will stop kids from vaping or starting the habit which is out of control

  • Master Blaster 2 years ago

    where’s “smoke dad”?….. smoking looks stupid too

  • Poxey the Burgertarian 2 years ago

    Glad your show is dying. Go screw yourselves.

  • The Ransom 2 years ago

    You’re fuckin stupid

  • Richard Mckinney 2 years ago

    Hey kimmel your part of the problem. If kids are vaping their parents should do their job! I’m officially boycotting your show and hope other vapers do the same. Besides if you tell a kid something isn’t cool what does that do? In my experience it makes them want to try it. Sellout. You weren’t really that funny anyway.

  • Robert Fraser 2 years ago

    Wow. Kimmel doing something distasteful. Imagine that

  • Nick Nite 2 years ago

    Vape dad probably a crack head in high school no cap

  • Saul C 2 years ago

    I have never wanted to vape more in my life than I do now.

  • Frosty Los 2 years ago

    I don’t like e-cigs I like e-weed

  • Make-Make 2 years ago

    8 deaths per 41 million users over a ten year stretch…I’ll take my chances.

  • George Workman 2 years ago

    People are not getting sick from vaping regular store bought e-liquid!!! They are getting sick from Vietnam E thinking agent used in black market thc liquid

  • Michael 2 years ago

    There have been no deaths “around the world” from vaping. Two brothers contaminated an illegal black market supply of cannabis oil vapes, and cut them with vitamin e acitate, which converts back to a liquid after being vaporized. So the liquid would remain in their lungs. So now vaping is banned, people turn to the harder stuff. Sad to say cigarettes will be making a resurgence


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