Hey! Hillary and the Basket of Deplorables

Published on September 13, 2016

Seth has some strong words for Hillary Clinton and her choice of insult for Trump supporters.

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  • Constance Richards 2 years ago

    But where was the lie though?

  • Deebo Molina 2 years ago

    Wait a minute…I thought the show was filmed in New York and Seth is a New
    Yorker so shouldn’t it be “EYY” in a New York Accent?

  • Living Abstraction 2 years ago

    While I don’t approve of Hillary’s comments, this whole hoopla over the
    Basket of deplorable shows how incredibly inept the news media is at this
    point it’s beyond pathetic. With that said, though I agree with her
    sentiment I still wish she didn’t say that comment and even she regrets
    making the statement. Hopefully the fallout won’t be too bad

  • HoustonProductions1 2 years ago

    Actually I think basket of deplorables is the most accurate description
    there’s been so far.

  • Anthony Alger 2 years ago

    “2nd best carpet salesman in queens”


  • CyberCanadian 2 years ago

    Seth when will you be asking Hillary to marry you ?

  • Stealth Emerald 2 years ago

    and yet it’s somehow ok that trump insults his own voter base, by saying he
    could shoot someone on 5th ave and not lose a single voter!! SMH

  • let them eat taint 2 years ago

    im glad seth said what ive been thinking. name calling fails for Hilary,
    its not fair. but Obama always had to b twice as smart and 3 times more
    calm. gee. i wonder why?

  • eli pieretti 2 years ago

    I don’t fuckin care who you’re voting for, “basket of deplorables” is the
    greatest expression ever. It better become a thing now.

  • James Anderson 2 years ago

    White trash love Trump

  • Mickly Gnow 2 years ago

    Ugly bag of mostly water…

  • Flame Beats 2 years ago

    Guess who else got pneumonia at a speech? William Henry Harrison. And look
    what happened to him…

  • Jose T 2 years ago

    “It wasn’t wrong, but I shouldn’t’ve said it.” Well put, haha.

  • gh2frg 2 years ago

    Sorry Seth, but I disagree with your comparison.

    She wasn’t wrong and she should have said it. It only exposes the fact that
    Trump’s supporters only like when someone ‘tells it like it is’ to
    discriminate against Mexicans, Muslims and women. When Hillary tells it
    like it is and says some Trump supporters are deplorable, these same ‘tell
    it like it is’ folks can’t stand it.

    It’s amusing to me. And, I’m about tired of hearing people saying ‘I’m not
    those things and I dislike being called that.’ Well, if you aren’t sexist,
    racist or xenophobic, then it doesn’t apply to you. It only applies to half
    of Trump’s supporters, which I think is an underestimation.

    To dumb this down further, since some people don’t understand what half of
    Trump supporters means…

    Picture an apple. This is the electorate (people who will vote).

    Now, let’s cut this in half. Give half to Hillary and half to Trump. This
    is generously saying that Trump would get half of the electorate’s vote.

    Half of Trump’s half of the apple is rotten. Generously, that would be
    saying that 25% or 1/4 of the electorate is either racist, sexist,
    homophobic or xenophobic. And it seems pretty accurate based on what we’re
    seeing. It’s incredibly sad that it is 2016 and we still haven’t gotten
    this garbage out of American society. But I have hope. And even if the
    worst case scenario occurs and Hillary dies, I would rather have a dead
    President Hillary than Trump as president.

  • darkphoenix2 2 years ago

    I only know what Neiman Marcus is because I recently started working on a
    resort in the nice part of town

    i’m filthy

  • fidorover 2 years ago

    I just feel bad for the nice couple down the street from me: Bob and Jeanie
    Boy did they pick the wrong week to have the Sears Portrait Studio
    photograph them and their newborn triplets inside a
    totally-innocuous-at-the-time oversized Easter basket, with the inscription *”A
    Tisket, A Tasket, The Deplorables in a Basket.”*

  • NZen Man 2 years ago

    Its funny Hillarys speechs played backwards she talks about worshiping
    satan . Trumps speech’s backward talks about God..A vote for hillary is a
    vote for satan :)

  • KingOfMadCows 2 years ago

    Well, some Trump supporters, I assume, are good people.

  • Aaron A 2 years ago

    Meanwhile, Trump refers to Hillary’s supporters as ‘Deportables’.

  • John Erkman 2 years ago

    The Ferris Beuller parallel was SO muck round peg in square hole! It kinda
    worked but you made John Hughes roll over in his grave Seth ????


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