Hey! A Message to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards

Published on July 26, 2016

Seth has some strong words for a certain faction of Bernie Sanders supporters.

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  • Riaz Meah 4 years ago


  • Edward Nappe jr. 4 years ago

    The DNC owns Seth Meyers too apparently.

  • Carol Garofolo 4 years ago


  • Cole Corpora 4 years ago

    Am I the only one that’s disappointed that we won’t see a trump Bernie

  • Jeff Aronson 4 years ago

    This show is very biased against Trump. SAD!

  • Mag Pie 4 years ago

    White booing, really…

  • Living Abstraction 4 years ago

    Any other situation I would be perfectly in line with the Bernie or bust
    folks. But please for the love of God please vote for Hillary Clinton yes I
    know I hate so much too, but really I can’t fathom how disastrous things
    will be under Trump. I am honestly becoming nostalgic for the days of
    McCain and Romney

  • Kibitz 4 years ago

    Bernie supporters research Gary Johnson. Socially him and Bernie align

  • Cameron Smith 4 years ago

    Good call Seth, you’re on point -_- Except that the hose we’re now using to
    put out the fire channels gasoline and not water.

  • Jeff Shoemaker 4 years ago

    and id just subscribed today. later seth, that was quick! ya dick! unsubbed

  • okpc 4 years ago

    Vote thrid party if you have to, your voice needs to be heard. Don’t

  • Malikk6537 4 years ago

    Do you fuckers want Unity or do you want to insult us? I REALLY can’t tell.

  • DootDoot 4 years ago

    *Hillary actively rigged the democratic process in the oldest most powerful
    Democracy in the world.* That should scare you more then anything Trump
    could say. Truly sit there and think of the implications of this.

  • ChilledLimes 4 years ago

    While i completely agree with the messages and this was a funny bit, not
    sure some of the analogies were too accurate

  • UBemLie 4 years ago

    wtf you know that it was rigged and your meant to be quite and fall in

  • Stan Buczak 4 years ago

    hey. Don’t fall for trump saying he has similar beliefs to Bernie, that
    will not work out for you or anyone else.

  • Cobra Commander 4 years ago

    They’re protesting because the system was rigged, and now Hillary & the DNC
    are expecting Bernie supporters to fall in line and support the crooked
    candidate that rigged the system.

  • yuri778 4 years ago

    About 1/4 of the people watching this are retarded Bernie-or-busters. YOU

  • CaptnNoName 4 years ago

    You’re not helping with this. Neither did Silverman.

  • Badar Shehzad 4 years ago

    This has been “Cringe”

  • Anıl Ertürk 4 years ago

    americans are idiots. thy are saying ” we are about to elect trump so stop
    saying bernie or bust.” if your presidental candidates are this bad that
    means it doesnt matter who is the president. just like turkey. public is
    ignorant and they elect erdogan… there is nothing to do other than
    immigrating to europe where there are atheists

  • Headless Eyes 4 years ago

    wrong seth

  • Cafelogis 4 years ago

    So you’re taking the Sarah Silverman route of insulting Bernie supporters?
    Yea that’ll bring em over. Had it been an actual fair election, Bernie
    supporters might not be as mad. With the recent E-mail scandal however, I
    hope you understand why they would be pissed because it’s not like Bernie
    and his supporters lost fair and square but because the DNC and Hillary
    cheated them out of their candidate.

  • Keith Williams 4 years ago

    Message from rest of world: HEY America FFS don’t fail the rest of
    humanity… we rely on you guys to bring stability to the world, not kill
    us all in a Trump nuclear Apocalypse!!!!
    Please I’m begging you…. don’t let Trump get elected, it would be a
    mutherf@$%ing disaster!!!!!!!!!

  • Avo 4 years ago

    If Trump becomes president I hope you guys have an empty stomach because
    you will have a lot of words to eat.

  • PurpleHairClip 4 years ago

    Seth, you vile creature. It looks like you were flattened horizontally by a
    trash compactor, you mutant Tintin. Do not coax us into voting for someone
    who is in the pockets of the big banks. We have principle, unlike you.
    Clinton is a liar and Bernie is a sellout. Simple as that.

  • DSKiller619 4 years ago

    So basically, vote for Hillary because she’s not Trump…? Interesting
    times we live in.

  • Valerie Bell 4 years ago

    We will not be silenced. Feel the Bern!

  • Cutestshoes 4 years ago

    If Donald is president it’s Hillary’s fault.

  • Marshawn Lynch 4 years ago

    It’s not that I hate Hillary, but rather how she won. Her victory as the
    Democratic Nominee shows to America that elections can be bought. It’s
    unfair that the deck was stacked against Bernie from the start. The DNC
    gave Clinton all the tools she needed to win, while not only making Bernie
    a total outcast, but even going as far as attacking his campaign. Think
    about it, the Democratic party completely betrayed him and millions of his
    supporters. They have a right to be pissed.

  • Răzvan Rădoiu 4 years ago

    What I find really strange is that Bernie hates Trump and endorsed Hillary
    so why are so many of his supporters voting trump now? Makes no sense to me

  • Dat Boi 4 years ago

    Whoopty fucking do.

  • Cutestshoes 4 years ago

    You don’t get it Seth. Scolding Bernie or bust people will not help

  • spencecity99 4 years ago

    This was the best; reasonable with added humor A++

  • sue eason 4 years ago

    if she had not stolen votes ,we might be better behaved.

  • Christopher Hernandez 4 years ago

    Trump is corrupt…. Hillary is corrupt

  • trippedbreaker 4 years ago

    The problem is that the DNC *hasn’t* changed. They’ve given lip service to
    moving left on some issues, which is great to the extent that we trust
    Hillary to keep to her campaign promises, but unfortunately she’s proved to
    be highly fickle and dishonest, and it’s becoming more apparent every day
    that she won her nomination through a highly corrupt and fraudulent
    campaign, colluding with the DNC and using vote suppression tactics and
    coercion of media networks to suppress information. How can we trust that
    she’s now opposed to the TPP, when she’s lied about so much?

  • BlackRider Bob 4 years ago

    lol yeah people are bernie or bust because there upset that they lost a
    fair and balanced election


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