“He’s Still The Leader Of The Republican Party” – John Dickerson On The Former President

Published on January 7, 2022

Our good friend John Dickerson, Chief Political Analyst for CBS News, returns to the show for a three part interview with Stephen Colbert, focused on the one year anniversary of the Jan. 6th insurrection. Listen as John tells Stephen about his experiences reporting the news during the riot, and shares why he feels the story of Jan. 6th is far from over. Stick around for parts two and three of this in-depth look at lasting effects of that day. #Colbert #CBSNews #JohnDickerson

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  • Stephen Fitzpatrick 2 years ago

    He is the leader of the Trump party . The Republican party has been hijaked . True and decent Republicans must stand up and be counted if the party is to survive and play it’s roll in the American democratic system of Government .

  • Carpenter 2 years ago

    He’s still the leader of the National Socialist Party!

  • Owen Mersk 2 years ago

    Right wing liberals already forget how bad George W Bush and Cheney were. They actually pulled off a coup and lied us into a violent invasion and murdered 100,000s of human beings, with the okay from right wing democrats. Trump is the same, he just talks different

  • eddyk 2 years ago

    Bloody hell, sounded like you was about to say James Corden had died.

  • Leslie Propheter 2 years ago

    St. Urine and the Art of the Hell

  • mark bushnell 2 years ago

    Let’s go Bozo!
    (Tuck Frump)

  • Savannah M. Laurentian 2 years ago

    He is not now, nor has he ever been, “a leader.”

  • Catherine Johnson 2 years ago

    Seth Myers and now Cordon!!!! The evil plan is working ha, ha, ha.

  • Daniele K. 2 years ago

    That’s why people lose faith in democracies, because the powerful always get away with it.

  • Lynn Reese 2 years ago

    Yay, you acknowledged one of the members of the band and his musical contribution. I sure would like a teensy bit more.

  • Livnletliv Mak 2 years ago

    Great show.

  • Zizi Roberts 2 years ago

    A friend who received all three shots contracted Omicron. She recovered at home and has now tested negative. All my best to everyone who is choosing to survive this pandemic, doing their 100% best to protect their own lives and the lives of others.
    #CommonSense #Cooperation

  • Ken Wesaw 2 years ago

    The republicans are impotent

  • paul c 2 years ago

    Another of the trump lovers.

  • Dan Almont 2 years ago

    “My good friend, Jimmy Kimmel”, “my good friend, Jimmy Fallon”, “my good friend, Seth Myers”, “our colleague, James Corden”.

  • Gilbert 2 years ago

    Preserve, Protect and Defend THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, from all enemies, foreign and domestic! So help us God !!! The ultimate sacrifice of our Heroes & Patriots & our grieving Military Families will always be in our hearts & prayers !!! Our immediate and most dangerous situation is that Traitors walk the Sacred Halls of our Capital * It has been investigated and verified by all of our Intelligence agencies & NATO allies, that Russia’ (Putin) did attack and is influencing & undermining the election process in the United States !! The United State’s adversaries are attentively evaluating and will continue to focus on Suckaberg’s $$$$$$$ Russian weaponized media to elect and legislate in our Country !! This is an ACT OF WAR !!!. The Congress must divert urgent attention and funds to defend and respond to these threats. The world has enough NUKES to turn mother Earth into a RADIOACTIVE WASTELAND !! Not even a dictator wants to turn into a heap of fuming ashes !! The majority of the American people do not have the time between holding 2 jobs , child care , caring for our elderly , to investigate conspiracy and obstruction .!!!!. It’s getting even more difficult to Vote thanks to the Republicans !!! Elected officials abusing our own constitution and justice system to protect traitors !!!! Pray that God gives our Attorney General and the Justice Dept. the moral strength as Patriots to guard and protect our Country !!!! God Bless America, mother earth, our sick, our elderly, ,our families with children thrown to the streets by the greed of our Banks & Wall Street, the working poor, our citizen immigrants, our unions, our Heroes and Patriots. Putin & his billionaire Russian Oligarchs , Billionaire Pedophile International club have been and are currently laundering money in the United States.. Deutch Bank (( Russian $$$ )) has financed Trump & Co. throughout the last 30 Years !!! American Banks will not loan Trump & Co. $$$ due to his multiple bankruptcies including casinos !!! President Trump’s greediness has left him with only 2 choices; chemical poisoning of his family by Putin or Prison by the U. S. Congress !! Trump’s life or death situation is the American people’s dangerous dilemma !! The GOP & NRA received millions for the Trump campaign disbursement from Russian Oligarchs. The NRA has 10 million members, Trump has 30 million followers, and the rest of the 230 million American citizens must VOTE these Traitors and Co-Conspirators out of Office and into Prison.!!. !! The 1% Billionaires received 2 TRILLION in tax cuts, while 18 years later the 911 first responders are dying while waiting for GOP to fund their healthcare !!!. These casino prostitutes in Congress and the House are bought and paid for by parasite lobbyist yelling from atop their Billion $$$$ Corporate Socialist Platforms against Democratic Socialism for our children, our elderly, the sick and our poor. Our Constitution and Federal Anti Trust Act, and the Rico Act will take care the Trump Mob & Associates & Suckaberg’s $$$$$ Russian weaponized media !!!!!. God Bless our Country , our Heroes and Patriots. May all the Traitors , Co-Conspirators & useful IDIOTS be charged and given a one way ticket to Russia and in memory of our sweet innocent children, victims of gun violence in America, be given an NRA AK-47 when they step off the plane !!!!! REGISTER TO VOTE NOW , CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY . OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTIES ARE AT STAKE ! WE ARE AT WAR WITH PUTIN and he is WINNING!! ** WE THE PEOPLE MUST MEET OUR CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY TO ” PRESERVE, PROTECT & DEFEND our CONSTITUTION !!! SO HELP US GOD !!** Hannity, Manchin & Sinema are TRAITORS ****REGISTER TO VOTE THESE TRAITORS OUT OF AMERICA*****2022*****2024***********


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