“He’s Not The Superman We Think Of” – Fiona Hill On Vladimir Putin

Published on March 3, 2022

Fiona Hill advised three American presidents on Russian policy and has spent time in close proximity to Vladimir Putin, so she is uniquely qualified to talk about the man’s strengths, his weak spots, and the things we misunderstand about him. Her book about Vladimir Putin, “There Is Nothing For You Here,” is available now. #Colbert #Russia #FionaHill

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  • M.Osm. M. Ali 11 months ago

    Wow what high intelligence and keen awareness of geopolitical and demographics of situation at hand ✋✋

  • Jaws10214 11 months ago

    “There’s nothing for you here!”

    There are sunflower seeds 🤷‍♂️

  • Wordavee1 11 months ago

    Putin must not get an inch of Ukraine!
    What if you went on holiday and found while you were away, a neighbour had moved his fence 10′ to take over half your garden.
    When you complain he says let’s compromise, I’ll move the fence back 5′ feet so we split the difference!!
    How’s that for a deal!!

  • Helen Patterson 11 months ago

    We needed a longer interview with Fiona, not just a book promotion.

  • Audrey Wellham 11 months ago

    Excellent post!

  • Rohan James 11 months ago

    Why is this guy a comedian discussing politics, stick to your lame jokes

  • Nature Boy 1975 11 months ago

    It’s not all that surprising. When given a chance, the voice of reason will prevail. America has seemingly miraculously recovered from the darkest 4 years in it’s political history. Where a den of thieves was installed in our highest political office by a band of fascist rabble. Of course we haven’t quite really dealt with the implications of that issue yet but now there’s Ukraine and Putin… A welcome but potentially deadly distraction. Well, incredibly wise minds that are experienced in the negotiations that carry the survival of humanity will undoubtedly take care of this in their usual splendid fashion… Hmm.. time for a nap…

  • Jaws10214 11 months ago

    Have to admit, I dont often watch the interview portions of Colberts show, but I watched this one.

  • Saul Shennan 11 months ago

    Who the hell thinks of Putin as a superman? He’s just a little old alcoholic.

  • EC 11 months ago

    Think of it this way: all men between 18-60, in a country of 44 million, that is about 10 million men. That’s ALOT of men. So even if the Russians take Ukraine, they are gonna have a shit-fight to hold onto it. Long live Ukraine!

  • El Emar 11 months ago

    China is just biting its time for the perfect moment to have a single and final say over Russia, and in front of the international scene at a very (yet to come) critical time in the crisis, and then pose as saviors of humanity … It will be quite the epic moment for China, and the end for the Putler.

  • Pano 360 11 months ago

    “We can’t establish a no fly zone because that would be seen as intervention”
    By Putin? So what?! Why should he be allowed to set the rules of his own invasion? He’s got reinforcements, so why can’t Ukraine?

    Also, since when did opposition to intervention stop America/the west? At least we could do some good this time. If he gets away with this, he’ll keep doing it.

  • Wayne Gray 11 months ago

    Thank you Stephen for having her on!

  • jay folk 11 months ago

    Putin is shortsighted, literally. 👓

  • Noah Buddie 11 months ago

    I resent that. There IS honor among thieves. There is no honor among sociopaths.

  • imagineMusic 11 months ago

    How sad to see Stephen not presenting the whole truth! … so very sad …
    A few weeks ago I would never believe that FoxNews would be more reliable news source than many others!!! … Never! …

  • mark j borowski 11 months ago

    Mr. Colbert , Try and book Yousuf to promote new version of peace train and to sing Peace Train . We all need a feel good moment now more than ever. A little less politics and a little more song entertainment.

  • phil o 11 months ago

    With Putin reportedly sending squads to kill Ukrainian leaders, can’t Ukraine lend-lease a weapons system similar to the WW2 arrangement that supplied Russia. Russia were supplied planes and tanks to battle the Germans in their hour of need. Cruise missile equipped destroyers or submarines commanded by the Ukrainian Navy Admiral would give Ukraine the ability to disable the Russian military leadership in central Russia just as Putin intends to do to Ukraine himself. According to wiki, about 15 countries have a cruise missile capability so India, Pakistan or Israel could supply them from inventory for land based or aircraft based deployment. Putin and his cronies would never be able to appear in public within Russia again.


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