“He’s Destroying His Legacy” – Scared Fox News Hosts Texted Mark Meadows During Capitol Attack

Published on December 14, 2021

The Jan. 6th committee is examining text messages that Mark Meadows received during the attack on the U.S. Capitol, including several revealing messages sent by personalities at Fox News. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Tatiana C 2 years ago


  • Maribel Caudillo 2 years ago

    During the day we have all those news about those assholes and we get mad, but at night is a sweet revenge when Mr. Colbert covers the news and makes these fools looks like IDIOTS! I’m not mad anymore, I’m laughing!

  • Syrkyth 2 years ago

    Oh . . . ohnoooo, that LOTR scene . . . lol

  • Dwik 2 years ago

    I gotta say that suit tie combo is smokin

  • George Gordon 2 years ago

    It doesn’t matter if you’re the ex-president and your more crooked than Watergate with Nixon you’re above the law I was the ex-president how is that old saying go shame me once shame me twice the third time shame on you so Donald Trump is God laugh my f****** ass off

  • Rohan James 2 years ago

    Hey Stephen why don’t you talk about hunter bidens and daddy Joe’s corruption charges?

  • mel D 2 years ago

    Trump wouldn’t respond to texts because he’s a functioning illiterate. He can barely read. Or write.

  • Dave 2 years ago

    How is fox news employees texting political officials suggestions to run the country a normal thing????

  • Have A Good Day 2 years ago

    Info is a big MAGA Cult45 ass

  • Josh Burton 2 years ago

    Why the LOTR scene of all things xD

  • H2amster 32 2 years ago

    time to go to new Zealand

  • PrawnAddict 2 years ago

    Really? Moo Klux Klan and not Cow Klux Klan?

  • DJT lying POS Sucks 2 years ago

    Trump is the cocsucker this world has ever seen. Good for nothing Insurrectionist.

  • John Gladson 2 years ago

    Just what we need……More Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let’s waste our energy on that, since the country has no problems that need solving.


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