He’s Building A Wall And The Sun Is Going To Pay For It



  • box doodles 12 months ago

    love the show stephen

  • Nice2347 12 months ago

    Don the con is gonna eat a d in the p

  • I feel It 12 months ago

    With trump as president everyday feels like it’s a bad dream

  • Max Johnson 12 months ago

    hey donald- which side of the wall faces the sun?

  • MissingLStudios 12 months ago

    Donald Trump, what does “under oath” mean?

    “Oh, this is a good one, a very good question – to be honest a lot of people have been asking me this lately. They really have, a lot of people are worried about it. But I tell them you know what – there are so many lies being spread by the media – terrible, mean, nasty lies. Have you heard what they’re saying about me? It’s unbelievable isn’t it – so sad, just so sad. The stories they come up with are so big and fake it’s unbelievable. I’ll tell you right now they’re so fake if they tried out for Miss Universe I wouldn’t let them enter – or maybe I would – who knows; I like big fake things. Don’t you? I definitely do. But… this is a dark time for our country. A very black, black darkish time. And now you have Comey – or ‘sap head’ as I call him – he’s tall like a tree isn’t he? He looks ridiculous. So tall – but such tiny hands. Oh my god are they tiny! People don’t tell you that but trust me, I’ve touched them, and they were like baby hands. Mine are so strong I was afraid I’d hurt him, but I’m a nice guy so I was gentle, very gentle… Maybe that’s why he’s been so nasty to me – I thought he was a nice guy, but he’s not – but who knows, who knows. I wish him luck. Alright, thank you – next question.”

  • TheScatmanBros 12 months ago

    “Isn’t there a way to make the wall gay?”

    *Uh. . .put a gloryhole on it maybe? I dunno.*

  • Hal Jordan 12 months ago

    So, the only thing stopping the illegal immigrants from crossing over is a cloudy day?

  • Shardul Dabhane 12 months ago

    Seriously trump is a little child. The wall thing is like a little child building a pillow fortress except a pillow fortress is a better idea

  • Adam Jameel 12 months ago

    Guess what, the wall just got 10 feet higher!

  • terrific786 12 months ago

    Stephen gives smart, well thought out comedy. I really enjoy watching his show,.

  • KingOfMadCows 12 months ago

    I’m assuming the solar panels will power the lasers used to shoot any illegal immigrant who tries to cross.

  • Shaz K 12 months ago

    IMPEACH THE ORANGE LEECH, get it? Because he’s sucking the life out of America…. ok bye

  • Dribrom Sunrock 12 months ago

    Putting solar panels on a wall is stupid as the wall stands in a 90° angle. Optimal angle of the solar panel is a 71.1° fixed tilt angle.

  • Livid Imp 12 months ago

    What? He’s not going to make the wall gluten free? Fuck it, no deal then.

  • permeus2nd 12 months ago

    so when i watched this video it had only 1 dislike…… i guess Trump does watch this show.

  • camelshit 12 months ago

    Will the wall be black, too?

  • Toad Jiang 12 months ago

    WTF? I thought he would make the entire wall of coal.

  • Sankalp Kala 12 months ago

    I think that if he’s going to put solar panels on the wall then liberals should support it. I mean at least some of the tax money will go to something useful!

  • suthy phankuy 12 months ago

    The eyebrows every single time!😂


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