Here’s Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk

Published on October 19, 2018

White supremacists might lack empathy, compassion and open-mindedness, but they’re getting enough calcium.

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  • Kim Jong Fun 6 months ago

    But will white supremacists drink chocolate milk?

  • Jack Jammen 6 months ago

    For those who need a small snapshot of what trump is.
    Trump steaks- fail,
    Trump magazine- fail,
    trump university-farce-fail with a 23 million lawsuit(he lost),
    trump airlines-fail,
    trump casinos-fail,
    trump marriages, 2 divorces and cheated on his current wife while she was pregnant and paid 130,000 to hide it.-fail, (Ivanka looks so happy doesn’t she, while she tries to stay away from him as well as swat his hand away)-fail
    trump mortgage-fail,
    trump vodka-fail,
    Lifted the ban on companies and allow them to dump toxic waste into our waterways and streams- insanity- fail!
    As well as opening up the Dakota pipeline, shitting on century’s old treaties with the decedents of Native Americans and carelessly disregarding the fact it runs past the country’s largest fresh water aquifer and under a river that supplies fresh water to millions of people. Those jobs will be short lived and the destruction will never recover. The only reason he’s doing it is because Koch brothers are invested in it and stand to make a billion a year each and are big funders to his and other republicon campaigns.

    Nominated for Supreme Court judge (Kavanaugh) who rules in favor of big corporations over the American citizen. One case in where 11 judges sided with the driver, because of this ONE inept judge in favor of a trucking industry that told a Driver to stay with the load, when he would freeze to death if he did or pull the trailer which lawfully and safely could not be done or get fired, that driver stands to lose his livelyhood, because he was rightly concerned with his life and lives of other drivers on the road.- fail
    Makes reference to a judge’s race, that it has anything to do with his professional judgement. Racist-fail
    Fred Trump was also affiliated with the kkk and with Donald trump’s knowledge of the fact his father was a racist not renting to people of color, did nothing but agree with his father. Donald trump also lied saying he had no idea who David Duke was on national tv, when in fact he did and still didn’t automatically denounce the kkk.
    He is a Racist-fail
    Says he’ll pay your attorney fees if you punch a protestor- repulsive (and) a liar even, because he didn’t pay anyway- fail
    Uses a Boy Scouts gathering as if they were there for him and weren’t, to spout off his insane gibberish- narcissist again to refer to crowd size that later they said they never called to thank him.- fail
    Refers to women in the lowest vile names “fat pigs,” ”dogs,” ”slobs,” and “disgusting animals.”and then tells you they love him, as with every person and group of people he shits on and turns around and tells you they love him- LIE-fail
    Said his book is second favorite to the Bible. Blasphemer and knows shit about the Bible.
    Lawsuits- over 4,000 in last 30 years
    Lawsuits still pending-74

    Paid 2 million for land to be developed in Westchester county NY, residence didn’t want his golf course and lost in court only to turn around and claim he got it for 100 million for a tax right off. Now it’s an undeveloped eyesore for the people who live there, while he steals the taxpayers money.
    A tenant died in a fire that otherwise would be alive if Trump didn’t fight the sprinkler ordinance.
    -Fail to care about people’s safety
    Said he passed more legislation than FDR. BIG lie- Nowhere remotely close-fail
    The wall-fail says Mexico will pay and now making our tax dollars foot the bill that will cost us hundreds of billions of dollars for the insane project. -fail

    Healthcare bill?? -12% approval. Would kick 23 million off and seniors would pay 800% more.-fail
    Tax bill- more trickle down bs that will cost middle income families, because not only their cuts will expire, all that money corporations don’t pay will cause our taxes to go up to make up for it, while the corporate tax rate is indefinite! Trickle down failed when Reagan did it and is why states are losing money,
    Muslim ban-fail
    Sociopath- Had a video of his inept, corrupt cabinet that have major conflicts of interest to the positions they were hired for, actually go around the room to get all of them to praise him.
    Hiring a handful of Goldman Sachs robber barons to his cesspools a cabinet-fail Government is supposed to be reflective of what the American (people) want and protect them from oligarchs and the (over reach) of corporate interests among other entities looking to control (our) government. Look at what trump did opening up government protected land. Land that already is the people’s and touted this farce like he just gave it to us, which all he did, was open it up to corporate interests and land developers. Screwed over protected Indian land, so the Koch brothers can profit off that sludge coming from Canada into their refineries 1 billion a year, EACH. We KNOW who the Koch brothers favor with their donations.
    Look at what trump did with (OUR) government giving companies the go ahead to dump their poison into our waterways. Look at what trump did with (OUR) government with the insecticide Chlorpyrifos, with alleged origins in Nazi Germany, that was set to be banned by the EPA over health and environmental safety concerns; but instead reversed this decision after Dow Chemicals, a manufacturer of the chemical, donated one million dollars to his inauguration fund.
    You hail trump for his ability to put his chicken scratched name on deregulating everything and all of it does NOTHING to help the people this government is supposed to protect and serve.
    Etc. etc. etc. fail fail fails
    Still waiting for that big infrastructure bill he promised. Focus on a dying coal industry? Are you that ignorant and too proud to admit how wrong and plain fiscally stupid that is? The focus should be on the future of energy and those hundreds of millions of jobs waiting begging to be given notice. And recently talks as if he cares about Scotland, when he screwed the people of Scotland over his pompous golf course ventures and still has the audacity to talk about his golf courses, when this is clearly a conflict of interests promoting his financial gain through this office.
    Now a mountain of damning evidence, is showing trump and family have committed tax evasion.

  • New Message 6 months ago

    I would have thought Donnie was born self lubricating, like all the other types of gastropod.

  • Sven Tempest 6 months ago

    So they’re proud of being Milk Drinkers…?
    I think they’d be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a bellyful of mead.

    Oh yeah, and not being a bunch of angry manchildren. That would make them happier too.

  • tiki torch 6 months ago

    All those white supremacists wiping the white stuff dripping from their chins. LMAO!

  • New Message 6 months ago

    I’m not so much worried about the 404 error, as the ‘Blue Balls of Death’.

  • David Anderson 6 months ago

    Yes, milk is so manly. Please excuse me while I have a beer. 😉

  • New Message 6 months ago

    Shhhhhh .. Nobody tell the White Supremacists that the ability to digest lactose as adults is thought to stem from Neanderthal DNA.

  • Matthew Snider 6 months ago

    I know it was for a joke, but please don’t ever say “lubricating” and “Donald Trump Jr.” in the same sentence ever again. *wretches*

  • OriginalPiMan 6 months ago

    It really is a matter of balance. If you think about your grandparents having sex too much, you won’t be ready to keep going. If you don’t think about them enough, you won’t reach 16 minutes.
    You’ve got to think about your grandparents expertly practising safe sex just the right amount.

  • Livid Imp 6 months ago

    They’re taking off their shirts and pouring milk in their mouths to keep it as homoerotic as possible.

  • Zesty 6 months ago

    “I drank milk with my friends. Almost everyone did. Sometimes I had too many milks. Sometimes, others did. I liked milk. I still like milk. But I did not drink milk to the point of blacking out, and I never sexually assaulted anyone.”

  • Greg K 6 months ago

    I wish all those white supremascists chugging milk while shirt-less could just come to terms with their sexuality, instead of blaming people of color.

  • Henry Alister 6 months ago

    Seriously Colbert? A set-up with condoms and Bill Gates, and you couldn’t find one way to sneak in “Microsoft” in?

  • Kyle Baird 6 months ago

    Who else counting they thrusts tonight?

  • Ella Rose 6 months ago

    … I’m white and I’m lactose intolerant. LMAO I never thought I’d be proud to be lactose intolerant. F U white supremacy

  • Hopsta 6 months ago

    Chugging moo juice is an odd way to celebrate gay pride, each to their own I suppose…

  • mako zero 6 months ago

    Incels chugging milk and after that they meet their girlfriend. Their own hand full of lotion.

  • András Agócs 6 months ago

    Your sense of masculinity must be standing on pretty weak legs if you need a commercial like that to drink grape juice.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 6 months ago

    Milk chugging shirtless Nazis…not at all gay in terms of imagery there, fellas.


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