Here’s John Cena’s Full Apology To China



  • Arkaid D 3 years ago

    On the plus side, I guess he would have no trouble doing steroids… you know, now that China has his balls…

  • Harshit Shrimali 3 years ago

    Taiwan is the “real” democratic China. It’s not about size but values

  • Monk8090 3 years ago

    Sad to found out John Cena lost his balls.

  • Jim Jim 3 years ago

    Good but not enough. He is also expected to Kowtow.

  • Sagan Zheiler 3 years ago

    Omg people, read between the lines.

  • Truth Prevails 3 years ago

    Wow,this guy has zero integrity.

  • nes 3 years ago

    This is reminding me of the Tzuyu situation.

  • Chris Ebbles 3 years ago

    Curious why Americans can try to be anger against this, first he is doing what Capitalism tells one to do. Secondly, as a Brit did not know Americans cared about countries such as North Ireland and has not help fund an organisation attacking a country. Or denial that Palestine is a country. It is like America pick which are countries based on their views. I mean now that is funny.

  • rocktiger DESIGN 3 years ago

    Taiwan IS a country! It has it’s own government, it has it’s own currency, it has it’s own democracy… sure it has it’s ties to China, but in this day age, who doesn’t?

  • Spock the Dog 3 years ago

    Brown nosing to China and the market for his ‘stuff’ money before people.

  • ASN 3 years ago

    Taiwan is independent country!
    Let this be clear from India!

  • Ashim Karki 3 years ago

    What a wuss…tough guy

  • 85mcgreg 3 years ago

    The Late Show: When will you change your course on China? In the case of the Wuhan-Virus you are sitting in a glass house and shouldn’t be throwing stones.

  • Seek Funk 3 years ago

    Taiwan is part of China. Like it or not.

  • K 3 years ago

    Taiwan is not a country, even its own constitution says so. So your opinion doesnt matter

  • fen miao 3 years ago

    Before WW2 Hollywood Moguls let Germans censor Hollywood movies. Hollywood moguls knew what was happening to their relatives but would not help Charlie Chaplin make The Dictator. Chaplin made it himself. It was released the month WW2 started

  • JGioRod 3 years ago

    This reminds me of that PR agent in The Boys. Im sure she told Cena, “John, we got a MASSIVE problem! You need to issue an immediate apology or we lose a SHIT TON of money in every movie endeavor you do. Without China profit, no one will work with you in Hollywood. So get out there, and lick that egg foo young ASAP!” I feel bad for him because he loses either way. The apology video wasn’t even satisfactory to the Chinese anyways.

  • XL S 3 years ago

    I’m Chinese. I approve that the translation is accurate, just exactly like what John Cena said in Chinese Mandarin.

  • Jimmy Adams 3 years ago


  • Eric Williams 3 years ago

    I don’t understand why people are mad, we are a capitalist society. We reward people with money for lying everyday. He just wants to keep earning money.

  • Brendan Beckett 3 years ago

    I had no idea he spoke chinese

  • PsychoLucario 3 years ago

    china is a country, Taiwan is also a country

  • Christian Bakker 3 years ago

    We see you now John china

  • Erikulum 3 years ago

    * insert comment about John Cena balls *
    Seriously tough, with the kind of money involved he probably had no choice on the matter.
    Don’t blame the guy, blame China.

  • 鄭凱仁 3 years ago

    HI . John CHINA

  • anthony pruitt 3 years ago

    Well, that was pathetic. I would love to hear him apologizing to Germany for calling Poland a country.

  • agentsteell 3 years ago


  • radioactive man 3 years ago

    How about China’s feeling, it’s just another evil empire

  • Brian Melendy 3 years ago

    People make mistakes. It’s not really that big of a deal. Are they going to cancel him now? This is ridiculous there are real issues to get upset about. I haven’t heard China apologize for a deadly pandemic that they tried to cover up.

  • Tyrannus Venandi 3 years ago

    We know now who is getting founds from China, eh?!?!

  • saimcheeda93 3 years ago

    The media reports this but not Mark Ruffalo’s U-turn on the crimes against Palestine where he was, like Cena, clearly strong armed I to doing so

  • MrBartman002 3 years ago

    China got there claws deep in hollywood they gkt the actors speeaking mandarin damn!

  • Claude Charley 3 years ago

    Not quite sure to make what to make of that

  • Rod Williams 3 years ago

    What an absolute Spineless Weasel he is!!!

  • Nat N 3 years ago

    Does Cena actually know how to speak Mandarin? I mean, this isn’t the first time he did it, I think. What’s his deal?

  • Grey 3 years ago

    John Cena, a hero? I simply can’t see it.

  • Flora Sulit 3 years ago

    John Cena kneeled to a dictatorship??!!!

  • Timber Wolves 3 years ago

    The funny thing is you think any of these other phony people on TV
    wouldn’t have apologized to China? The only thing these people on TV
    care about is money, fame, attention, and whatever person they are
    currently dating. They don’t care about you people at home unless they
    can exploit you. They don’t care about what is right or decent and yet
    you people still hero worship these people for acting like pretend
    characters in movies and TV shows. You hero worship them for rolling
    around stage partially naked calling it singer. You worship these people
    for throwing balls through holes.

  • Anthony Hapwell 3 years ago

    Yes mister master china sir as you can see steroids took away my balls

  • Braden Saltus 3 years ago

    His chinese was choppy, but I am pretty sure that the subtitles were not following at all with what he actually said there

  • bourjois m 3 years ago

    What a clown! Wagging his tail for China..its sad to watch!

  • Randy Krus 3 years ago

    Over a billion CONSUMERS can be wrong.

  • Zikri m12 3 years ago

    Well, what do you expect. Even CM Punk said it 10 years, Cena only better at kissing ass than him

  • Oscar Gr 3 years ago

    Order a package from China to Taiwan and you have to pay for international shipping.
    I guess Taiwan is a separate country in the eyes of China mail company.

  • Drew Oberle 3 years ago

    Watch Cena will run for president in 2024

  • FAAASZÓÓÓÓM 3 years ago

    I puked. And it was prettier than this disgusting… thing.

  • John S. Greene 3 years ago

    China is now the world super power. Thanks John.

  • Feralsquirrel 3 years ago

    Jesus Christ. What is wrong with him?

  • trutH seruM 3 years ago

    The next movie is going to be AWESOME!!! It’s going to have BRON and CENA…. Destroying the United States!!!!
    Co-stars: Fire Marshall Bill played by Joe Biden, Cruella played by both Kamala and Nancy(to be inclusive)

  • Arch Karr 3 years ago

    Let me just get to the point..I used to like John Cena….now I don’t. (Had to edit what I really said….don’t want to get cancelled)…I have no problem with the Chinese people or any other Asian people. I just don’t like people that support dictators and the suppression of freedom. But John Cena doesn’t seem to have a problem with it..oh well…at least he speaks Chinese..( we better all start learning it)

  • Danger Bear 3 years ago

    Wow. John Cena is a commie! He’s a rediculous coward. Move to China. Be happy with your handlers.

  • Christopher Ramberg 3 years ago

    And he let him forever be known, as John China.

  • idontlikechinese food 3 years ago

    i don’t like china, i really don’t.

  • just you 3 years ago

    Well if China doesn’t want people to say that Taiwan is a country, they have a funny way of showing it by attacking someone as famous as him for doing it. They literally just opened the cultural flood gates from hell on that issue…

  • Dan and Oli 3 years ago

    Did anyone actually watch the clip? He’s trolling China hard and you idiots are too busy being woke to get the joke.

  • against Pharisees. 3 years ago

    John Xina is a white version of LeBron James.

  • Hatt Mancock 3 years ago

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being

  • Benjamin Clevenger 3 years ago

    This needs to stop. I understand that China has Hollywood and some of its bigger names in a monetary vice grip of sorts, but it’s just too uncomfortable at this point. Something needs done and that means speaking up. Not apologizing for an innocent and factually correct comment.

  • justJJ3000 3 years ago

    What a @itch,like most all celebrities lmfao….what a tool!

  • nelsonta00 3 years ago

    I thought this was a satire skit 😀
    Watched it 3/4 way in trying figure the joke 🙂
    It was not a joke 😐
    He even apologized in Chinese and it was actually not too bad >:(
    Such a bitch move

  • Yves Heinrich 3 years ago

    And he calls himself a republican… Just shilling and selling into China’s crap like the rest of them. Funny. On one hand, he held an entire franchise at stake, had he not apologized. On the other hand, he could’ve rid one of the worst franchises in film history.

  • TheTuubster 3 years ago

    When you ask John China, what political system he likes most, he will answer: “Money”.


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