Here’s How Wall Street Has Always Manipulated the Markets | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 3, 2021

Day traders took down a massive hedge fund by artificially inflating GameStop stock, and now, Wall Street is whining about it. But Wall Street manipulating the market is nothing new. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #WallStreet

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  • Elder Wisdom by Darshan and Beate 3 months ago

    serves them right. The little guys taking over

  • thexalon 3 months ago

    I’m reminded of Jon Stewart’s interview with Jim Cramer about, among other things, that video of Jim Cramer, and he said something like “I want this Jim Cramer to help protect America from *that* Jim Cramer.”

  • Prem 3 months ago

    👼:”Conning the con is no good”
    Me:”But that’s legal and satisfying”😎

  • Julia 3 months ago

    Wait… have I really been saying Aluminum wrong all this time😝

  • Keith 'Qzo' Iman 3 months ago

    What are they bitching about? They’re billionaires. They’ll be fine.

  • Michelle Mae Simplicio 3 months ago

    Wallstreet boo hoo.

  • TheAmc91 3 months ago

    I don’t not feel one bit of sympathy for the billionaires or the hedge funds. They have been taking advantage of people for years. Bunch of cry babies now!

  • Korgoth Killings 3 months ago

    I knew I didn’t like that Jim kramer guy. How ever the fuck you spell his name

  • Aki Akisautumn 3 months ago

    And there’s also one guy who bought a billboard in Time Square and posted “GME goes brrrr….”

  • Alan Painter 3 months ago

    it shows that its rules for one and not for others —– so what

  • Saudovsty Vides 3 months ago

    That’s how Americans are?? Smh…jealousy and envy..guess its same everywhere

  • Jiggery Pokery 3 months ago

    It’s sad that the people who bought GME are holding onto it. The people who lost money are just shorting it again and will get their money back. Easy come easy go, good on the people who sold it around $400 you actually took money from hedge funds.

  • Mohan Attar 3 months ago

    Great Piece. Sadly though, the greed and manipulation will continue. Our Government needs to step up and pass laws that protect against these abuses.

  • jjstarrprod 3 months ago

    That whole Gamestop debacle (for hedgefunders) feels like Justice.
    Plain and simple.
    And looong overdue !

    And thank god for Twitter in the sky !
    Now everybody should do it, since it’s legal.

  • Suzanne Berry 3 months ago

    Oh, woe is me! My money isn’t comforting me enough.

  • Nate Green 3 months ago

    Boohoo…. pore old white rich guy…

  • Dannielle Uhrich 3 months ago

    Poor Babies!!! Lose a lil money as nd Panic sets in!!! Welcome to the real world!! Lmao

  • Vibe_and_Shine_1 3 months ago

    Priceless and Ironic – Tantrum fits fly when they get beat at their own game?! When Redditors rallying GameStop is market manipulation but when Hedge Found Billionaires shorting a stock it is just an investment strategy?! Hypocrisy at its highest. Oh my, double standards?!

  • RCPro Driver 3 months ago

    They’ve never seen poor people make money instead of them.

  • Michael Ulbricht 3 months ago

    Wall Street always spouts Economic Darwinism, but when they’re in trouble, then they’re the first in line begging for help. When’s the $1400 coming?


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