Henry Winkler on His Career, Cursing & Bill Hader

Published on March 22, 2018

Henry talks about his long career on TV, his new HBO show ‘Barry’ with Bill Hader, his love of swear words, and being taught by the great acting teacher Stella Adler.

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  • ammar ahmed 3 years ago

    Hey Jimmy Kimmel

  • underbisslord1510 3 years ago

    Hey it’s Barry Zuckerkorn

  • Aadam Mannan 3 years ago

    What a great guy..

  • FlyingFatGuy1 3 years ago

    I’m 4th

  • Nightmare Fuel 3 years ago


  • curb your comment 3 years ago

    Hey a cheap version of larry david meh next

  • Justin Ramroop 3 years ago

    Henry Winkler is an actor who is massively famous worldwide for one role but after that managed to find a career as a character actor and not be typecast at all.

    Are there ANY other examples of that?

  • Better Matters 3 years ago


  • Foo FighterFan510 3 years ago

    Water sucks, Gatorade is better.

  • Jaron Kupsov 3 years ago

    Jimmy you’re the best

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Good to see the band gettin’ some love from Fonzie. He’d usually just elbow the jukebox for music on demand.

  • Faye Mccarty 3 years ago

    Ethnic harsh evaluation vs accompany tight hi shopping.

  • Two-Face 3 years ago

    Wow Alder (yes I know who this is Jimmy)

  • Cyndi Keeley 3 years ago

    In every interview I’ve ever seen him do, Henry Winkler is more genuinely gracious and humble than I thought possible. He speaks about himself as though he assumes nobody has ever heard of him and has nothing but compliments about the people he’s working with. I mean, the man played one of the most popular tv characters in the history of television, yet he always sounds like he feels like the luckiest guy on earth that he was asked to be part of whatever project he is promoting. In an industry filled with people who think they are the center of the universe, Winkler has somehow managed to maintain a healthy sense of self and gratitude for every opportunity that comes his way. He seems like someone who has an unshakable sense of inner peace and I both envy and admire that immensely.


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