Hell Breaks Loose in the House, Insurrectionists Two Years Later & Prince Harry’s Frozen “Todger”

Published on January 6, 2023

The Mega Millions jackpot is up to almost a billion dollars, today is the 2nd anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection, Republicans have done everything they can do downplay what happened two years ago, we catch up with some of the old members of team treason to see what they are up to, there is a new gift for the MAGA-loving loved one in your life, hell is still breaking loose in the House of Representatives as Kevin McCarthy tries to get enough votes to be named speaker, the Never Kevers seem to be running out of steam, Prince Harry reportedly had a frostbitten penis during William & Kate’s wedding, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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  • Whurpurgis 1 year ago

    I love democracy but not as much as I love those cargo shorts.

  • nimo 1 year ago

    nothing is sweeter than seeing those dangerous animals are behind bars

  • Niki Jackson 1 year ago

    Tonight the same Republicans have held Americans hostage for the past 3 days, voting for the speaker of the house, who helped with the insurrection. Now, none of them will be indicted. It is all criminal.

  • Dredge Rivers 1 year ago

    The funniest thing about Prince Harry’s frozen todger is that he didn’t “discover” anything… the valet in charge of shaking it after he urinates called the doctor, who told Harry.

  • Roz Hill 1 year ago

    14 now, Jimmy. I keep asking how he is able to violate Amendment 14 Sec 3.
    No answer yet

  • Freefalln 1 year ago

    RIP America……McCarthy won on after 15 votes…..So, if your Mom and Dad on living on Social SecurityMedicare…Gone….de-fund the government is the theme of the New Congress….So buckle up folks…..Long 2 year ride to total destruction.

  • DwayneShaw1 1 year ago

    I heard Rhodes discovered one of his eyes was a lefty …

  • Christopher Boucher 1 year ago

    I was curious if that squatting video actually exists or if it was just a quip. Indeed it does…. Indeed it does…

  • Andrew Stone 1 year ago

    Great show.

  • oxyblue80 1 year ago

    That bus looked real

  • Yvonne Smith 1 year ago

    I’m almost 73 and cannot believe the world I’m living in today. The fact that 2 years later Trump is still a delusional free man who is not in prison boggles my mind. This country is in pure chaos and it’s disgusting.

  • circleeh 1 year ago

    I waarn y’all don’t “Pee” off a rill comedian, don’t do stupid in public.

  • TV Dinner 1 year ago

    tRump is at home in Motel Lardo, throwing din dins from his stroller.


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