Heidi Klum Was Too Happy for Models Early On

Published on July 1, 2021

James Corden welcomes Heidi Klum to Stage 56 and asks how her bubbly approach to life clashed with the modeling scene when she started out. And Heidi tells James what it’s like to experience her daughter Leni getting her first magazine cover, and what advice she’s given Leni. But comes with the advice are the embarrassing dance moves. And Heidi catches us up on the new seasons of “America’s Got Talent” and “Making the Cut.”

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  • Michael Duron 2 years ago

    What did they cut at the end? Something bad happen?

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 2 years ago

    Heidi KLUM was she’s acting too happy sad just like Sofia awesomeness job interview

  • B LeeP 2 years ago

    Sooo disappointed in you James. Heidi Klum jumps up and starts dancing in front of you and you didn’t even get out of the chair. Both rude (to make her dance alone) and sad.

  • Peacemaker 4 Real 2 years ago

    her father paid all the life she had, no Heidi’s daughter (whos at the same age like her husband) is about to take over hopefuly, can’t see Heidi anymore. Can’t understand why Americans like her.

  • Crystal Masters 2 years ago

    Dancing IS about having fun!!

  • Johanna 2803 2 years ago

    me after the final of gntm: wohooo no more heidi klum for one year
    james, my favorite talkshow host: haha no.

  • John Aristotle 2 years ago

    My name is Klum

  • Brittney Betch 2 years ago

    I always love going to her Halloween parties!!! She has the coolest costumes. I hope she comes back to NY

  • Lamar 2 years ago

    So fake this woman

  • Häm Börger 2 years ago

    Another thing I as a German feel like I have to apologize

  • Kathy 2122 2 years ago

    C’mon, Heidi! Pete’s Elvis shirt was the winner, hands down and fins up.

  • Tino Frick 2 years ago

    has she something done in her face?

  • sweiland75 2 years ago

    She’s too happy for a German.

  • Anne Moeller 2 years ago

    What happened to her face?


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