Health Care in America: Should We Just Let Poor People Die?: The Daily Show

Published on March 16, 2017

Under Paul Ryan’s Trump-approved health care bill, millions of people could lose their insurance and senior citizens would see a spike in their premiums.

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  • Malle Pietje 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with black liquorice?! D:

  • Black Templar 2 years ago

    or make a law where you MUST have a health insurance

  • Songs Mirth 2 years ago

    Trump can’t read or write. You’ll never seen him tweeting because he needs an aid to help him. He said it once that he had a female aide help him with his tweets. But I’m wondering about these because of how garbled they are. They might be written by Trump with the aide of a spell check for some. I think he got impatient and just stopped using the spell check. I bet his I.Q. is about 85. Paul Ryan did this because Trump hadn’t created any kind of plan but it back fired. Paul wants to the the next President.

  • outbacktrek 2 years ago

    lyingRyan gets gov’t healthCare4life+pension4what as benedictArnold???

  • eddiequest4 2 years ago

    NNNNNNNNOW I know why Ryan is leaving. He’s heading for cover.

  • Temujin 2 years ago

    MURICAN way

  • Favored Fox 2 years ago

    In 2018 my healthcare premium doubled.

  • Continuous Self-Improvement 2 years ago

    That bus should be orange, though.

  • Shapree Mallory 2 years ago

    Be careful not to mock God Trevor!!..u are walking on scary ground!!!!!!!!!

  • Obi Dark 2 years ago

    5:25 epic lie

  • Usama Zahid 2 years ago

    5:59 Trevor: “….because the bus.”
    LOL. I LOST IT. ?????????????

  • Dani Lin 2 years ago

    Trump is a pussy grabber! ?????????

  • Aden Seb 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah for presidant. God I love this guy

  • Ambria Daniels-Dovolis 2 years ago

    Sniveling Liberal Dem CRYBABIES on here….This is such a crock o crap!!!!

  • amol gujral 2 years ago

    I love man, u r awesome ? ?

  • Pedro Pinheiro Augusto 2 years ago

    The funny thing about democracy is that it actually works and society gets what it deserves…

  • John Meeder 2 years ago

    The deep state put Trump in power .look how other country no words

  • David Boudreau 2 years ago

    We can get rid of the Secret Service & other protections for elected officials. Then when they screw us over, they can be PHYSICALLY HURT! They could have to go face to face with the People they con. Maybe when they fear physical retaliation, they will be the bums God wanted them to be and those who care will hold offices.

  • Victor Ch 2 years ago

    name a medical system in a civilized country which does not cover people with pre-existing conditions…

  • Rook Castle 2 years ago

    People should be more hard. Lots of people with their hand out.
    Make health care free like in other countries


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