Hashtags: #WhyImSingle | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon



  • Adam Granger 1 year ago

    I’m the youngest of 4 kids and my dad already has two grandchildren and a great-granddaughter so there’s no pressure for me to get married when my 3 older brothers are all married themselves

  • 66_Raj Patel 1 year ago

    whos here to see if anyone from that list has responded in comments or not?? 🙂

  • jocosus 1 year ago

    2:06 “fat, single and ready for a Pringle” – #MerchMoneyMaker

  • DT Strain 1 year ago

    My fav posts are: (1) hashtags, (2) do not read, (3) do not play. Haven’t seen the last two in forever!

  • Rachel Reso 1 year ago

    Why are CC not available?

  • Alexander Matthews 1 year ago

    I’m single because I’ve loved the same pop star for 7 years… A pop star… I’m an out of work musician/actor… Well the no money and pop star are both reasons…

  • Tianaz Bryant 1 year ago

    Well the answers here hurts as everything is what i do and bugs me. Except the pringles and mostserella sticks. I hate Pringles nor would i ever eat an odd number. I only like those sticks sometimes

  • Carol Maguire 1 year ago

    My x-husband is single because whenever he has to fix something he does it with his tongue out (q-gomer). And he always pronounces the L in wolf. 🙂

  • JD 1 year ago

    This video is a great example of how bad a late night host he is and how far the genre has fallen.


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