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  • Marty D 6 months ago

    broke #whyimsingle

  • Tianaz Bryant 6 months ago

    Dude with the cats sounds fun

  • evangeline albania..🇵🇭 6 months ago

    jimmy thursday morning from here in the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • M G 6 months ago

    I love being single

  • loveforeignaccents 6 months ago

    Jimmy: Asking if I had gained weight.
    Card: Asking if she had gained weight.
    Get it together, Jimmy; otherwise the joke doesn’t make sense.

  • chef ava marie cookery show 6 months ago

    #whyimsingle because I rather be pals with famous comedians and celebrity chefs and my fellow culinary influencers including myself. Some are married. Some are not. I been in 2 almost boyfriend like relationships in high school, but they were just friends okay but moved on to different directions. I am happily married to my sweet dog Bellatrix and she’s my BFF 💓

  • Obviously Mia 6 months ago

    The saddest part is I’m guilty of the hide and seek with my cats too

  • Anipaptions 6 months ago

    Personally, I’m single because I don’t have a partner

  • Sean Harbour 6 months ago

    #because I have an open door dumping policy

  • puspa velai 6 months ago

    Best couple – who stay together, knowing the “secret” of staying together! Sending out ‘mixed messages’ 24/7 – just to be free of being ‘responsible for doing boring stuff?!’ Post pandemic – everyone’s doing “something different” to stay at arm’s length, and to enjoy themselves without guilt! LOL! The ‘single’ meanwhile, stay happily, single! ;D

  • James Viice 6 months ago

    who laughs more fake than this guy said Seth M.

  • Careless Dreamer 6 months ago

    #whyimsingle because i look at movies or video games where the character can do magic or have superpowers and think “yeah, i could do that, if given the opportunity” but i look at girls and think about being with them and i’m like “i don’t think i can do that, not good enough”

  • Alina Maliwauki 6 months ago

    #whyimsingle because I am currently in love with multiple bandmates from the 80’s.

  • Adam S 6 months ago

    Lol I think I am single cause my life’s a mystery to me myself and I like flipping Jason borne slim shady possess me when sleep at night the only way I feel safe it to be a marvel super hero like iron man or spider man the supernatural emotions of questioning who I am think I went down two many Rabbit holes and been Neurolysed by the MIB see what I’d happen was Leo and me went dream walking and I woke up in a bunny suit and felt I should cry cause life’s trying to get best of me so I pray and thought that make things better and why not eat some pie works for Dean Winchester


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