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  • Monky Dollqueen 2 years ago

    Darling all we need is love

  • Katherine Morton 2 years ago

    This has been an awesome week of shows.

  • Wallsmarts 2 years ago

    Higher than the LEGAL LIMIT AGAIN? And I thought Rodney Dangerfield had red eyes. This guy has the most bloodshot eyes of anyone in public!

  • YeeSoest 2 years ago

    My grandma had a rare old board game that came from a milk brand and that we all enjoyed a lot but if someone landed on one particular spot she would yell out dramatically. When she died, the only thing she left that we ALL fought over was this board game. We ended up with a pact so we’d all be able to play it at least once a year when we all get together. It’s obligatory to LOSE YOUR MIND when that spot gets occupied Thanks, Grandma

  • Ikaika Cricket 2 years ago

    I am now Nana to nine.

  • Zachary John Gilbert 2 years ago

    Someone explain the green bananas joke

  • loveforeignaccents 2 years ago

    Loved the last one!

  • marylou711 2 years ago

    the last one (“be careful…) appeared a lot in my high school yearbooks.

  • No Body 2 years ago

    My nana is dead .

  • Elke 2 years ago

    After my grandpa died, my grandma was talking about how lonely she felt. But not to make it ‘to big of a deal’, she also told me what she did to cope. ‘Sometimes I even have the man choir in bed!’ She meant that she would listen to them on her tablet when she was in bed, but I just couldn’t stop laughing! We still talk and laugh about sometimes 🙂


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