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  • Missymousie 3 years ago

    Not my car but we were touring with an NGO in Ethiopia in a Land Rover. It only had one window handle that we had to pass around like a joint to roll our windows up/down.

  • Red 13 3 years ago

    I had a Dodge Neon where the horn would blow when you turned the wheel to the left! Had to unhook it. That was OK. Never used it anyway.

  • Rafael Zago 3 years ago

    My worst uber experience would be a great topic too

  • Amanda Tan 3 years ago

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  • Vivian Black 3 years ago

    Not the car but the driver… riding with her in a Vancouver downpour… she didn’t turn on the wipers because she didn’t want to wear out the wiper engine.

  • ZhangtheGreat 3 years ago

    Mine was forced onto me by my parents. They would call me every freakin’ night when I was at college trying to persuade me to buy the car, and I kept rejecting them because I was perfectly happy with the hand-down my dad gave me. Finally, I just got tired of their persistence, so I said “do what you want.” They bought the car, and I drove it for a while. Turns out the mechanic who sold it to us (a family friend mind you) was a shady SOB who only did it so we’d keep going back to him to get it repaired. The car finally started dying DURING DRIVES; that was when I’d had it and decided to donate it to the Salvation Army for a whopping tax break.

  • JS McD 3 years ago


  • julia howard 3 years ago

    Driving my mini cooper on the Autobahn in the winter the cable connected to the gas pedal would freeze up and the car started speeding up, unable to stop; so I had to turn off the engine while going 80km, hoping nobody would run into me, and get the frozen cable unstuck by hand. Happened every time but I loved that car; one day I slid off the road into a ditch but the car was so light that I could push it back on the road by myself. Then you had friends who loved to put it on top of a sandhill or on top of stairs. Dang I miss that car.

  • Gena Jones 3 years ago

    My first car was a diarrhea brown Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra. This was late 90’s, so I didn’t have a cell phone. The car would break down at least twice a month and my mom was always so frustrated when I would call her and tell her I needed her to come get me from whatever random place I broke down. I was giving my friend a ride home from school one day, and the car decided to break down right in front of a funeral home. Since I had no cell phone, we had to go in the funeral home and ask to use the phone to call my mom. There were people in there having a consultation for arrangements at the time, so they put us in another office to make our call and we couldn’t stop laughing when I was telling my mom to come get us because my car died in front of the funeral home. I do miss that piece of crap car.

  • YeeSoest 3 years ago

    Cars are like people, some of them have character and some of them have issues but when there’s love involved, all problems arr just personality. And you probably know someone who could easily fix it, unlike your family or friends…see, the turning signal effecting the speedo is weird but not as weird as Joe who keeps dating women out of his league to remain credible as a straight guy: That’s unfixable.

  • D Newton 3 years ago

    Had a ’96 Ford Taurus that had electrical issues. I’d have crusie control on and the electric would cut out, disengaging the cruise control. I’d be on the highway slowing down not realizing what was going on…then the electric would kick back on and cruise control would re-engage, speeding me back up so fast I felt like where I was going I didn’t need roads…

  • Ashton Marie Franklin 3 years ago

    My worst car was my 91 geo storm, that car was so beat up, hit a few times at the high school parking lot. Didn’t need to change the oil because every 2 days a fresh qrt of oil needed to be added. Yet it was the best car and made a ton of memories with friends in that car.


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