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  • melissa saint 4 months ago

    My favourite of the many lemons we owned when I was small and my family was very poor was a car that my grandfather found in early summer that shockingly seemed to have nothing wrong with it.

    One fall night after visiting a family friend we got in and it was a bit chilly outside.
    “Lets turn on the heat!”
    Hot air came out like a dream with
    A whirring noise…but then there was a sound like popcorn popping inside the dash.
    We looked at eachother with confused concern.
    Many scaldingly hot sunflower seeds began shooting out of the dash at high speed and *burning* us.
    Frantically, my mother shut it off.
    “Well” she said, “I guess we dont have heat…”

  • Eric Koh 4 months ago

    When your signal lights go out, theres an actual hand signal for turning, too bad this day and age barely people know about it

  • Skinwalker 4 months ago

    We had a 95 Cabrio Jetta — It was our car, we drove it every day, so we knew what was wrong with it..
    Our exhusband, self proclaimed “mechanic,” insisted one day to *lock the doors.* Unaware and disbelieving that, contrary to our four years driving this car, the doors never locked at any point. He spent a solid ten minutes trying to lock these unlockable doors we told him had never locked.
    *No. He did not get any of those doors to ever lock.*
    He wordlessly stormed ahead after concluding that we were, again, right about the car we bought and drove for four years. He *refused* to discuss it ever again, sold the car, and refused splitting payment at divorce. 😀
    A real winner !

  • Peggy Gibbons 4 months ago

    I had a girlfriend who drove a pickup truck with no SEAT, so she put 2 lawn chairs in there & her & her bestie drove all over town like that. Another friend’s car would DIE every time you turned left, he could only make right turns so it took him like an hour to get to the other side of town & back home! The GREAT old days!

  • TheGodOfPez 4 months ago

    My only complaint about this segment is that it doesn’t come out daily.

  • Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 4 months ago

    Aww..Jimmy! I ws busy 2day..

    I thought u were gonna do the Hashtag on Friday. Evn tho it’s a Thurs. thing (usually, b4 COVID).

    My worst car ws my Dad’s, whn I ws abt 3 (3 n’ a-half) yrs. old. A dirt brown Station wagon. So sh*tty ws the car…

    We were driving up the hill tht made our neighbrhd street of Beech Drive,

    I hv my father’s briefcase on my lap (pleathr & black),

    I’m belted in..bt ths is still, scary to me..

    & all of a sudden, on the stee
    pest part of the incline, the door flings open & my father’s briefcase gs flying out the door..

    violently spinning & skittering across the road. I thought at the time “tht cld b me”. I ws hyperventilating.

    Scared the sh*t outta me.

    Evn said something insanely inane tht to ths day, I dn’t remember anymore, bt made me feel evn worse. More scared!

    I hd nt the words to describe “Dad. You hv a sh*try car. Jst pls, 4-the-love-of-God, gt anothr one. PLS! Almst died here.”

    U knw, stuff like tht…

    The door ws SO heavy, he, as a BIG man, often hd to slam the door TWICE.. jst to gt it to latch shut (properly).

    It eventually gt the hole in the floor, where u cld see the street, passing beneath me, as my fathr drove.

    Only once the floor hole opened up..dd he actually seriously consider, gtting anthr car.

    I knw tht he gt anthr car. Bt I thnk it ws the same brand &/or make & shade. Bt jst slightly newer (& a hell-of-a-lot sturdier) thn the last one.

    Tht’s why I hv no concept of transition frm old car to nw. There ws just suddenly a nw car in the driveway.

    ‘Nuff said!


  • Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 4 months ago

    Velour? Hw POSH! 🤣

  • Mitch Arett 4 months ago

    My cousin had a car with manual windshield wipers, that is, he’d stick his hand out the window to move them. It also had a hole in the floorboard, so that you could literally watch the road!

  • Hans-Joachim-Klaus 4 months ago

    what happens when your writers are noo good
    viewers do the write the jokes

  • EvelynRobinson 4 months ago

    Wtf the p0rn bots are now copy & pasting other people’s comments 😬 the spam on this channel is out of control!

  • charlesraycooley 4 months ago

    I bought an 86 Honda hatchback for 100 bucks and I swear I got ripped off.lol it was halious. Stick shift reverse didn’t work. I honked the horn once and it wouldn’t stop imagine driving down the road about 10 miles from home with the horn stuck on the whole time. I got some looks.

  • Patrick Underhill 4 months ago

    Had 60 Chevy with a beer can stuffed with steel wool for a muffler, shot red hot steel wool on the road as driving. Then a block from home the front driver side wheel popped off and went down the road. I got $100 for scrap metal. My first car.

  • Progressive Canadian 4 months ago

    Jimmy is often funny, but Steve Higgins is ALWAYS funny!

  • Cihangir Çağatay 4 months ago

    Caligula, the hottest Heren Milen movie ever man

  • Linda Ward 4 months ago

    l had a Pontiac back in the day that had a big steering wheel and if you gave it a good tug it would come off. l’d put it on like a necklace and stagger into our local watering hole and freak people out. Best $50 car l’ve ever owned. ☮

  • Voll Ständig 4 months ago

    Good thing in europe we have institutes resctricting faulty cars like this to be allowed public traffic!

  • Serge Somborac 4 months ago

    I love how these cars were on the road when probably more than 2/3rds of them had equipment violations.😂🤣

  • kdog2710 W 4 months ago

    I had a big red bomber I would drive to school. When I would skip last period it would cough and stall out. Yet, I kept trying. A for effort : )


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