Hasan Minhaj Gives a Heartfelt Apology to Jeopardy! Fans (Extended) | The Tonight Show



  • Rachel Rexxx 11 months ago

    He just made the case for ranked choice voting

  • Huda Nasir 11 months ago

    i love hasan i cant believe jeopardy fans were actually mad at him like he acted exactly how i figured i would if i were ever on that show lol

  • Mon L 11 months ago

    I just love Hasan watched every series he’s made for Netflix and Specials

  • Andrew Chisholm 11 months ago

    the Ric Flair of jeopardy

  • Robin Justice 11 months ago

    I actually watched that episode and I loved Hasan. Broke up the freaking monotony of Jeopardy. People need to remove the sticks from their butts or just stfu.

  • Wil Young 11 months ago

    Hasan was wonderful on Jeopardy. Many of the celebrities on Jeopardy showed lots of excitement on the various shows. Just enjoy it 🙂

  • beanz burriton 11 months ago

    hotsauce man, sorry but not a fan. wish you would go back to your land. not a fan, you aren’t a man. but a can of gross juice that you are letting people know isn’t you, but it is. anyway, have a good day and dont mind what i say. cheers

  • Enoch 11 months ago

    I think Hasan Minhaj was the funniest, not the most annoying, contestant in the entire Jeopardy history even more than Austin Rogers. He was so comedic.

  • Roni 11 months ago

    Fucking hell every one of these interviews coming out reminds me I was robbed of more seasons of Patriot Act.

  • Varun Sharma 11 months ago

    LMAO hassan is the trump of jepordy

  • Abpob 11 months ago

    Because of Hasan I vote to have all Jeopardy changed to celebrity Jeopardy.

  • Jehan Haidar 11 months ago

    He is soo funny. He has swagger, dedication and passion, and charitable. Great qualities for a human being.

  • Bobby Thompson 11 months ago


  • mary oconnor 11 months ago

    I bet the positive tweets and/or comments far out way to see tweets.
    He is terrific. I think more people should be that enthusiastic!


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