Hasan Minhaj Asks Kids What Issues Matter Most to Them | The Daily Show

Published on March 2, 2023

Hasan Minhaj sits down with Generation Alpha so they can educate him about what issues matter most to kids.

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  • Lucas Nogueira 1 year ago

    hasan the goat for real for real

  • LaLa H 1 year ago

    Dude. Where did you find these amazing kids?! Love this.

  • TexRobNC 1 year ago

    These kids are awesome.

  • Emerson Arnold 1 year ago

    Where did you get these kids? Wholesomeville US. Where are the kids that can’t sit still,breaking the legs off the chairs?

  • Tavat 1 year ago

    These children are more knowledgeable and articulate than an entire stadium full of Trump supporters.

  • Lili Von Shtup 1 year ago

    This proves that kids are more mature than most adults.

  • NandiB. 1 year ago

    I love these kids.

  • Siddarth 1 year ago

    These kids were amazing, so thoughtful & mature at such young ages, their parents & teachers definitely deserve a ton of credit too.

  • Brad Daves 1 year ago

    what religious indoctrination ban it first hypocrites

  • TreevaJoan 1 year ago

    What would be the harm in having Hassan be the host of TDS with frequent, like monthly, different weekly guest hosts? I mean, Leslie Jones, definitely should be the permanent, but so definitely should Silverman, Chelsea, now I’m drawing a blank for anyone else that has guest hosted since our beloved Trevor Noah left in pursuit of his life outside the bubble of Comedy Central Viacom restraints like Jon Stewart did (not for the same reasons maybe…?). Says a lot about the writers and producers of The Daily Show how the train hasn’t derailed without Trevor, it’s just almost hydroplaning at the same clip but with renewed energy. The correspondents, Sloan, Desi, Ronnie, Costa, (Klepper?) and of course Roy Wood, Jr, play a big part in this transition too, they’re showing up with their doubts and issues and yet still able to interact with the guest hosts in way that keeps them not only relevant, but us viewers with familiar, like families. Sorry. Not sorry. This show means the world to me. Thank you for reading.

  • Laura Spies 1 year ago

    Kids are brilliant

  • Zerolink30 1 year ago

    This kids give me hope for the future. They aren’t thinking things in a Republican or Democratic way but a “i hear what you are saying, i see what actions you are taking and i will judge you based on that” approach. Now I’m just waiting for that MAGA commentor to pop on the comments to say “WOKE CHILDREN!”
    Also i loved that opening “our children are being ruined by this books” meanwhile at school children are dying from shootings, Repubs priorities are truly f’d up.

  • LD Hart 1 year ago

    Um… Can we please elect these children to run the government??

  • CJLinOHIO 1 year ago

    These kids are much smarter than half the GOP.

  • Dantata Dangote 1 year ago

    The kids will be fine.


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