Harvey Weinstein Is A Bad Person

Published on October 10, 2017

Stephen addresses the elephant in the room (no offense to elephants), Harvey Weinstein, and the allegations that led to his firing from the Weinstein Company.

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  • Ap_26 2 years ago

    The guy seems like a total creep

  • PADR21 2 years ago

    See Trump, everyone is fair game in late night shows. It just so happens that you just can’t stop giving them material to work with.

  • JG 2 years ago

    Only 7 comments and 352 views yet!!!

  • Neku 2 years ago

    no views, 19 likes, wtf??

  • Myra Rolston 2 years ago

    Wait… so Harvey Weinstein is fired? To become the next POTUS I assume?

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

    FUCK CONSERVATIVE HYPOCRITES!! Where were they when this O’Reilly and Aisles scandal was happening? Where was the outrage?
    Also, remember their flexibility when the grab them by the P tape dropped? Trying to find excuses for Trump and his “locker room talk”
    Fuck all of em!!

  • Anish Mohanty 2 years ago

    thumbs up if weinstein is hollywood’s trump

  • Bell Bottoms Baby! 2 years ago

    Monologue Order
    1)Bob Corker gives Trump a taste of his own medicine : A Twitter Insult
    2)Jon Stewart grants Trump’s request for equal time on Late Night
    3) Harvey Weinstein is a bad person.

  • César Madero 2 years ago

    Elaine Benes didn’t liked ‘The English Patient’

    Now we know lol

  • A J 2 years ago

    2:15 John playing the jurassic park theme in the back was just perfect haha

  • Kayla B 2 years ago

    Trump is to America as Weinstein is to Weinstein company…resist, remove..peace

  • SunScourge 2 years ago

    Power corrupts… in the most disgusting of ways when it comes to disgusting people…

  • 倪传历 2 years ago

    And people say late night hosts refuse to condemn him because…

  • Fortune Green 2 years ago

    Darn, what a creep

  • Bubbas Gift 2 years ago

    Holy shit found a way to draw Trump into the Weinstein convo.Lets not forget Michelle Obama fawning all over him saying he is an amazing man and friend OR that Melia interned for him.Oh yeah and Hillary all over him for donations to her campaign. its a tangled web that Trumps not a part of but somehow you left all that shit out about the Obama and Clintons but added Trump.who are you trying to brainwash? nevermind i just read the comments section.mission accomplished these idiots bought it hook line and sinker.smfh

  • Aliisa Kalma 2 years ago

    Oh look men being predatory

  • 223Drone 2 years ago

    In case the Trump supporters have forgotten they don’t have the moral high ground since they use mental gymnastics to defend some one who brags about sexually harassing women who’s now the president of the US.

    As John Oliver said Trump is the Harvey Weinstein of presidents.

  • Ringo Brat 2 years ago

    How can an owner of a studio get fired from his own company and yet the POTUS is not impeached for horrible things he has done? Does Donald Trump OWNS USA?

  • JazGalaxy 2 years ago

    I love how the Republican establishment jumped on Democrats to publicly denounce a guy that most people have never heard of.

  • DamageIncM 2 years ago

    Locker room!… Where you keep all the 20 year olds…


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