Harvard Pulls Kyle Kashuv’s Acceptance | The Daily Show



  • Blues Jass 5 months ago

    Well he lit a fire and tried to put out by covering it. Little did he know it’s still smoldering and soon it will reignite. It’s bound to blow up into a raging fire

  • Jeredan Surgeon 5 months ago

    Oh wow another turning point USA member is found making racist comments.

  • MattMatical DaMonster 5 months ago

    I want a N-Words with friends t-shirt.

  • King Reef 5 months ago

    Bitch almost got karma successful

  • A Dumb Xbox 5 months ago

    Did trevor do a 9/11 joke or am I thinking to hard?

  • Mlogan11 5 months ago

    He learned a hard lesson in free speech vs consequences of that free speech.

  • Tumbled Dry 5 months ago

    glad they refused his admission…….and yeh…a little more recent. Was that FOX NEWS being RATIONAL?!! WTF!!!!!???

  • 6 9 6 5 months ago

    Good job Harvard!

  • spenx09 5 months ago

    Also, Harvard isn’t a person

  • YOSHIERIDER 5 months ago

    On the one hand, he was pretty young when he said this. Now that it became a news story, any time he applies for a job or another university, this big thing will pop up when someone looks him up.
    On the other hand, hiring managers scrutinize your facebook profiles all the time. I don’t see why a university wouldn’t do the exact same thing; especially Harvard. This is so ubiquitous, I don’t know why this would be a news story.
    You will be judged by your public profile. Privacy is important. Don’t use your full name on your Youtube; people look that up too.

  • Dallas Burke 5 months ago

    I bet it killed you saying zebra that way haha

  • John Scott 5 months ago

    Trump will probably have him replace sarah sanders.

  • Candle Jack 5 months ago

    What happened to the “Personal Responsibility” conservatives always talk about?

  • TheRealCSD 5 months ago

    But what did he say that was sexist?

  • Matthew Han 5 months ago

    Oh shit, actions have consequences? Damn…

  • Cozy Coat 5 months ago

    you can buy your way in (varsity blues), but you cant get in because you experienced an extreme lone event that will impact your life forever… texting your friends privately…. wtf

  • Ajmaster 12 5 months ago

    *privte text

  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation 5 months ago

    @3:46 Lance Armstrongerest III is about to sue Comedy Central for $38,000,000 according to a 9/11 Harvard Study

  • MARKIECURLUE Malma 5 months ago

    See how calm and well spoken he is . Thats how are polititians are too.

  • John 5 months ago

    Its Harvard, he’s competing with a million other highly qualified kids. If there is a reason to go to the next one they should, not a big deal.


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