“Harry Styles, I Apologize To You For Having Your Name In My Mouth” – Billy Porter

Published on November 5, 2021

The incredible Billy Porter returns to the show to talk about his new memoir, “Unprotected,” and he opens his two-part interview with Stephen Colbert by addressing the controversy he stirred up when he commented on a Vogue cover featuring singer Harry Styles. Keep watching for part two of Billy’s hilarious conversation with Stephen! #Colbert #Unprotected #BillyPorter

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  • Hans Henderson 2 years ago

    So many questions. But first off, WHAT is going on with those armpits????

  • alwaysuseless 2 years ago

    Billy is so over the top!–because that’s what works for him, and anyone who’s found their way just makes me happy!

  • Carolina Lopez 2 years ago

    Me. Porter is an absolute ray of sunshine. I hope it never runs out even after we are all long gone so that other generations can learn what he put forward.

  • J B 2 years ago

    Tears of joy because of you, Mr Porter!

  • Sherry Ellesson 2 years ago

    Billy’s a wild child, and I’m glad he’s found joy in a way that’s uniquely his. If he sent me shoes, I’d wear them!

  • JSL 2 years ago

    I do not agree with his view that artists should always be speaking their mind. Artists — like people on Facebook or Instagram — don’t know jack about most of the topics they talk about. And they’re not held accountable when they’re wrong. So they should really just stick to the topics that truly matter to them.

  • ALZulas 2 years ago

    How does Billy Porter not have his own Vogue cover? His style is unmatched. He’s exactly what vogue is all about. How has he been ignored by them so long?

  • Alexa Ales 2 years ago

    i think he is totally right. there is nothing wrong with Stiles being the first male on the cover, but if they are talking drag, there are others more deserving. He did fight hard for this and he would have deserved it. You go, girl :-)!

  • Nation Today 2 years ago

    God have mercy on us

  • Arthur He 2 years ago

    his name is way too straight

  • Geraldine Gaggia 2 years ago

    Love the fan! He’s a brilliant designer.

    Onto the truth. In the beginning of Job, he worries about losing his children and business etc. He was married to a Chaldean and Satan and the Chaldeans took everything away from him. He thought he knew better than God.

    His little one is protected by God but best that him and his family get vaccinations.

    Job protected the wicked instead of the innocent. Lust has a hold of him. He lies constantly. He hangs out with witches.

    Who are the Nicolaitans? I am writing publicly because I don’t trust wp anymore. I feel threatened by it.

    Apparently I must do hobbies to become more attractive to him. It’s all a distraction. Btw I have never had a wet dream in my entire life. I have pure dreams. Why do they tell me how to get a man? I don’t need to be taught about that crud. Any nonsense to control me. Tired of it.

    I’m afraid of going to the gate now in fear of my life.

    How can someone laugh in my face and say this is serious?

    Seems like you were all bullied at school. I was the little girl who stood up against bullies. I has all sorts of friends. If anyone hurt my friends, even to this day. I will stand up for them.

    Guys I can’t go onto Google because everything has been blocked. They have full control of my phone and brand new computer.

    I’m so sorry that you guys are being hurt like this but at the end of the day, we win.

    Makes me sick that they mock artists, people with real talent from God.

    As for them who point fingers at gay people, believe me, they are gay too. They have orgies, fornication and swing etc. They far from Godly.

    As for those who kidnap and murder, the blood is on their hands. Where are those Mexican children btw?

    Love to all of you who actually care. Yes, none of us are politicians, we can see deeper into the truth. They in it so they are blind to the truth.

    Those who says they have the Holy Spirit, better not blaspheme the Truth.

  • James Peace 2 years ago


  • Eno 2 years ago



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