Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit Explained | The Daily Show

Published on January 13, 2020

The Queen calls an emergency family meeting, Meghan endures racially-charged rebuke from the British press and others, and Harry investigates new sources of income for his family in the entertainment world. #TheDailyShow



  • Lula Earle 3 years ago

    Diana would be so proud of her son standing by his wife. Despite his horrible father he is acting the way a husband is to act. Good job Diana!

  • Amanda Phillips 3 years ago

    Lmfao the biggie music killed me??

  • MyChilepepper 3 years ago

    She doesn’t consider cutting ribbons, curtsy and holding tea cups with curly pinky as very stimulating or challenging the least.

  • PassivesAbseits 3 years ago

    Yes, Meghan Markle eating that avodaco was against all Human Rights. Just think about it: Some poor fellow was exploited to create that Avocado for a Member of the Royal Family… and then a Black Woman ate it… The entire legacy of this peasant got ruined by her.

  • Cindy Liang 3 years ago

    TBH, she married to someone who was be born with the title not earn it, which has price to pay for such a privilege. She enjoys the freedom then stay away from that family, don’t play the racist card or American card for it Megan, we’re not dumb, and so do you. Maybe some libraries will say oh we all share the human right as equal. No, damn no, as long as you are be born from a ‘royal’ vagina, soon as you be crown some ancient title, you automatically lose some ‘human right’. Beside, they never will be capable to be ‘independent’, if Harry is nobody no more, Megan would not marry him at the first place. SHE IS NOT A LITTLE GIRL NO MORE. YOU CAN’T HAVE THE BOTH BTCH, PICK ONE AND SUCK IT WITH THE DOWN SIDE OF YOUR CHOICE, LIBRARY OR FKING DUTY.

  • J Adkiss 3 years ago

    1:01 right….lol “would you like some tea” then your in the sunken place?

  • lion man 3 years ago

    The American office show is better

  • green pea 3 years ago

    Only a narcissist person want to be a royalty. Good for you Harry. Protect your family from the craziness and live your life with dignity and integrity as a human being.

  • Kaitlyn Yaws 3 years ago

    Leave it to the Americans to break up the British.

  • Davida Braxton 3 years ago

    She looks evil

  • FUN JOY KNOWLEDGE 3 years ago

    This is what happen when u add a non noble mud blood in the family

  • PeachesCourage 3 years ago

    I absolutely like what they are doing ! Right on Harry and Meghan ! Your Not Ants from Piss land like the Royal but not loyal to peoples in question . The sugar dots on cake are royal ‘pains in the – – – ‘ you can guess . What Harry and Meghan are doing is REAL what the Royal does isn’t what bees do more like decorate your – – well you make your object here have a Ball ok?

  • Sharron Haimour 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, but I have to jump in here and play devil’s advocate. While most of you are all pro Meghan and defending her because of alleged racism, go back over all of her spousal choices and note what race she seems to prefer? Do you see any friend of her’s other than Serena Williams, who is Black?
    People get real. She doesn’t identify herself as Black. Yet she pulls the race card now? Give me a break. Its a handy excuse to hide an ulterior agenda. When she married, she knew all of this was a potential reality, She just thought because 99.9 % of her “friends ” are Caucasians, she was immune.

  • Gwendolyn Davison 3 years ago

    Fuck the royals let them live their lives they don’t owe anyone anything

  • M S 3 years ago

    Meghan should go to Africa to avoid racist socities not white Canada… And why she didn’t marry a non-white..

  • Moist Boner 3 years ago

    She’s “black”???
    She looks like a basic white girl that tans once a week.

  • Katherine Andrews 3 years ago


  • Jon doe 3 years ago

    That American woman is behind all this confusion

  • Anita Luca 3 years ago

    Hey sometimes people get married and one of the partners doesn’t get along well with the in-laws.. It happens all the time why not them.
    Harry chose his wife and child.

  • zuldo 3 years ago

    Ah yes, any critique of anyone of color is due to racism.


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