Happy super-spreader Thanksgiving from the COVIDs!

Published on November 18, 2020

After Scott Atlas made dangerous claims about how families should celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the COVID family thanks him. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 11/19/2020

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  • Sixto Torres 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump and some republicans are purposely speeding the spread to make it even more impossible to handle the pandemic once Biden is in office.

  • Sushi Uchiha 2 months ago

    You’re all morons, there’s no getting rid of Covid and this is all blown out of proportion. Stop being such scared little dummies and go out and live your life.

  • Indigo Wolf 2 months ago

    Hey you know what doc, you think you’re the smartest person on the planet while you’re not. Let me just tell you this, it could be anyone’s last Thanksgiving. It doesn’t necessarily mean Grandma and Grandpa it could be your aunt your uncle and your cousin your nephew your nieces your aunt’s here uncle’s your neighbors your co-workers your kids best friend your newborn baby. It’s anyone’s last Thanksgiving and you know where there’s these things that you put over your mouth to protect yourself and others is called the mask and we wear them when we go outside you idiot. So before you go spouting off things that you have no information about a new absolutely do not know anything of what you’re saying where one you’ll see it does save lives.

  • zardozzzzz 2 months ago

    It’s just one Thanksgiving and one Christmas, big deal! Why are all the Trump cultist followers freaking out over the Holidays anyways? People have always bitched about how stressful the holidays are with family, and now they’re whining and crying about how they should spend time with them because it could be their last holiday with family? Over dramatic much? Keep your distance, eat your holiday meal at home and calm the fk down you crybabies! This shit won’t last forever.

  • Connie Crawford 2 months ago

    Sell your soul and be hired byTrumpturds!

  • Christina Nicholson 2 months ago

    Happy holidays

  • Peter Griffin 2 months ago

    Stephen please bring John Lithgow back on as Rudy G.

  • Madame Beajou 2 months ago

    Well now, here are the people who destroy vacation spots, believe they are entitled and no one else is, will take your money and your freedom and pray at the altar of the golden ram and say they are right. This is your real freedom disappearing in front of your eyes.

  • Marthe Morais 2 months ago

    Yes final Thanksgiving if you get Covid …..how stupid is he . Where did he graduate anyway at the same university as his boss .

  • anonymous 2 months ago

    Why would it be their last Thanksgiving? He wouldn’t have said that last year, so if it were not for the virus, he would have no need to even say that. No matter how much book knowledge, it takes an EVIL heart and a DAMAGED mind to make a statement like that. For all those that are still trying to convince the world that this virus is not real, then tell us what it is that’s killing nearly a quarter of a million people in the country but mills all over the world. No effort to try to fix this. Vengeance is my saith the Lord! Since we know this administration is not trying to help save anyone, please take care of yourselves everybody and God bless.

  • crovax 13 2 months ago

    Just so that everyone knows Thanksgiving is a holiday because of Liberals

  • Jeff Jones 2 months ago

    He wants to guarentee this is their last Thanksgiving.

  • Lisa S 2 months ago

    Covid actually has about 6 mutations you need to add two more family members there. 🤣

  • Noy Ho 2 months ago


  • elliot lang 2 months ago

    is blinking like crazy a sign of coviphrenia ?

  • Brian Holmes 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot, T*****.

  • Wood Rat RC 2 months ago

    Your chance of it being your last thanksgiving go up drastically if you have a large family of republicans.

  • Christel Headington 2 months ago

    Still no word on Trump granting a turkey pardon.

  • Linda Martin 2 months ago

    Creepy Doctor trying to kill Americans

  • JESSICA SCHWARZ 2 months ago

    Ahhhh I didn’t realize that Thanksgiving was actually killing old people. Good to know. Thank you Dr. Asshole….I mean Atlas.


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