Handticipation, Darwining, Resigning – Stephen Colbert Explains The Latest Relationship Terms

Published on December 9, 2021

Feeling left out because you don’t understand the new dating lingo? Stephen has you covered in the latest edition of “Stephen Colbert’s Romansplaining.” #Colbert #Romance #Relationships

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  • Leanne Vande Kew 1 year ago

    Tomorrow is the day Ronald Reagan will show up in Times Square handing out beef jerky and Jelly Bellies to pigeons. See you there.

  • Cheryl Sibson 1 year ago

    for a second there, I was thinking Roman Attwood Slaning ok I stand corrected.

  • Anthony Borderline 1 year ago

    Best Covid greeting me and my mates use, just tap your own heart a few times while maintaining an eye contact. Says “I see you, I feel you, you’re in my heart”. So much more loving and personal greeting that handshake ever was, plus no touching needed yet intimacy achieved!
    And while I use this with some of my friends doesn’t say it wouldn’t work magnificently on a date..

  • Gregory Smith 1 year ago

    Is this shit for real? I have never heard of any of this? It seems crazy lol

  • DeathAngel 1 year ago

    I like darwining, but not the name for it, but I also can’t think of anything better.

  • Chris filosifer 1 year ago

    Romansplaining, when do we discuss Bigus Dickus?

  • Kristi Ford 1 year ago

    “Hesidating”: the first time I’ve been ahead of contemporary trends. I feel so revolutionary 😎🦘🐨

  • Adam 1 year ago

    People are realizing that aro/ace is a thing.

  • 8D2BFREE 1 year ago

    Turns out, i have been hesidating all my life.

  • Josef Janoušek 1 year ago

    Resigning last year and Darwining just few weeks back. 😂😂

  • Lindalee Law 1 year ago

    Why wouldn’t you want to date??? A life single, still do, and boy do I! But then I like the company ; poor Milleni- gen just another thing they’re inept at, and Boomers embraced .. the absence of caring is a loss ..
    Why God made 7 days; and Sunday is a day of rest lol

  • jill rodriguez 1 year ago

    Pickup line:
    “Hey, baby, how do you like your eggs in the morning?”
    My response:

  • Black Claws 1 year ago

    What? Been Darwining for the last 10 years then… lol

  • Richard Adams 1 year ago

    Romansplaining: “Well, first there were the Etruscans….”

  • Steven Andreasen 1 year ago

    I think we know that Colbert has mesomed a bit

  • Jelly Whit 1 year ago

    Ah, looks like Jon Baptiste mirror must have broken or he experienced temporary blindness. Those pink pants were not an optimal choice.

  • Matt Evans 1 year ago

    Aw man, thought this was Roman-splaining. Romani ite domum!


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