Halloween Frights with Late Night’s Amber Ruffin

Published on October 30, 2019

Amber Ruffin warns kids gathered around a campfire of some of the world’s scariest modern terrors, like kale and Trump supporters.

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  • Fabrisse ter Brugghe 5 months ago

    I’m glad I was under my blankets so I could hide! ?

  • Hungry Hungry Hippocampus 5 months ago

    It used to take goblins to give me a scare
    But now it’s rich assholes who take my healthcare
    Poltergeists, well, their job is now moot
    Because high school boys give the nazi salute
    And if you hear something go bump in the night
    Don’t call the police—they’ll extinguish your light

  • Crystal M 5 months ago

    Truly horrifying!!

  • Margaret Cross 5 months ago

    Can we start an Amber cult? What should the robes look like?

  • directfunebru 5 months ago

    Yeah, the end of America.

  • Charles Hettrick 5 months ago

    The end scared a little pee out of me. Also if true it will be the end of everything.

  • KPepper L 5 months ago

    Stop it Amber! Stop this at once!

  • immortal9922 5 months ago

    Privileged minority everywhere

  • Emily Souza 5 months ago

    Amber needs her own show, she is so damn funny

  • Mandy B 5 months ago

    I see Amber’s name in the title, I click. I’m a simple person. She’s brilliant!

  • Prof. Weed 5 months ago

    So, when will she get her own show? Here’s an idea: Amber Says “What?” to America. “People in…have the lowest literacy rates in America? What?…” And then she’d do something proactive and humourous about it. For example, she could read a funny story she wrote to school kids, give out the contacts for the appropriate NGOs, get viewers to donate to the local public library and elementary schools, etc…

  • DJAvren 5 months ago

    Makes me glad there’s an ocean between me and America. Helps me sleep at night

  • Lammy Lams 5 months ago

    I love you Amber!

  • Anna Eseo Lightwing 5 months ago

    “projected to win the 2020 election”
    No. NO. NO!!!

    This is terrifying.

    Amber, no.

  • Yuscha Anindya 5 months ago

    Huge props to the illustrator and the animator of this skit. Really nailed that horrific look of the leader and the regular look of the monsters.

  • BayAreaBlues 5 months ago

    Amber. Amber. Amber!

  • LeesaDeAndrea 5 months ago

    True HORROR!!!

  • Jamie Hood 5 months ago

    Amber is a genius. Bravo Amber, and Happy Halloween to everybody!

  • Arkhadi Pustaka 5 months ago

    It’s so scary because it’s true.

  • Tony Shawley 5 months ago

    I really like how well written that was. Kudo’s ❤️
    *Sigh* ? If only I could be one of the great and all powerful, king of the night time talk show’s Seth Meyers writer’s.


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