Hallie Jackson Thinks Dems Will Deliver an Onslaught of Subpoenas to Trump

Published on November 8, 2018

Hallie Jackson talks about Jeff Sessions’ forced resignation, what’s stressing Donald Trump and the mayhem of the president’s post-midterm press conference.

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  • Gabriel Martins 2 years ago

    This woman is the hottest thing on the news ever. I have literal goosebumps every time I see her.

  • t00lband5252 2 years ago

    Good lord…Hallie is a direct decent of the greek god of thickness! She is absolutely delicious looking!

  • John O 2 years ago

    Thank god for Dems in the house!! Finally some oversight for corrupt gop

  • joel fuhr 2 years ago

    Trump must be shaking…. , )

  • Dorian sapiens 2 years ago

    Jackson is a top notch reporter. I appreciate how neutral she stays when the audience cheers about House Dems subpoenaing trump.

  • Jarrod D 2 years ago

    Donald Trump’s tax returns will immediately reveal he is not a billionaire, I think i’m more excited about this massive hit to his goldplated toilet of an ego more than anything.

  • Matthew P. 2 years ago

    Remember when the left said “When Hillary wins Donald wont accept the result of the election.” Then Donny wins and they spend the ENTIRE 4 YEARS trying to depose him outside of an election. Its unbelievable.

  • Götterdämmerung - 2 years ago

    Damn she’s hot….


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