Haley Lu Richardson on Who Dies in The White Lotus, Stalking Aubrey Plaza & Going to the Penis Café

Published on December 6, 2022

Haley talks about who gets murdered on The White Lotus, filming in Sicily, going to a penis themed café, being a crazed Aubrey Plaza fan, and teaching a dance class for elderly people.

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  • Saul Rodriguez 1 year ago

    shes a real life memoji

  • Nurlan Abdirov 1 year ago

    Zoey Deutsch.

  • Ankita Misra 1 year ago

    not Haley dressing way better than Portia ever could

  • Archer Edutainment 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, for me, after Sunday evenings E6… I lost all interest. How her character, Portia, stayed the night with the knuckle dragger, Jack, made zero sense to me. Tanya not high tailing back to the White Lotus after she saw Jack banging UQ, Uncle Quentin… made zero sense to me… as in suspended disbelief goes only so far and then the writer(s) are simply guilty of treating their audience as though they’re all morons, which… is when I take my leave. ciao ciao, but, good luck to Haley Lu Richardson, I’m sure she’s one character who remains alive… and I’m sure there are many hoping Tanya, her dismissive train wreck of a boss, played incredibly well by Jennifer Coolidge, is at the very least, one of the floaters or deceased. I mean who seriously doesn’t want her gone? Hahahaha. 🙂

  • Makaveli181 1 year ago

    This show really surprised me I thought it was gonna be a chick flick woman type show but man it really surprised me

  • Crime Brûlée 1 year ago

    Have really enjoyed seeing this actress in White Lotus

  • Dedi Prasojo 1 year ago

    All this minute and not mentioning Portia’s choose of costumes. Really?

  • Ernesto Solano 1 year ago

    Hold up, did she Ingrid Goes West Aubrey Plaza?

  • James Wall 1 year ago

    LOL the bleep at 3:02 has me dying. Wrong hole!

  • Beto Montemayor 1 year ago

    Her potty mouth says a lot about her. She thinks she is funny, but she is not.

  • Viscus Dribble 1 year ago

    What’s great about these interviews is we discover that you don’t need more than a dishwasher’s education to act…..

  • Corvaire Wind 1 year ago

    Wasn’t she just on the show last week? ;O)-


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