Hakeem Jeffries – The Mueller Report & A For-the-People Democratic Agenda | The Daily Show



  • D JM Angelheart 3 years ago

    Forget the Mueller report.
    Get the tax returns.
    That will tell all.

  • R Robin 3 years ago

    Americans want justice and it’s leaders to be held at a high standard. No corruption! And we want healthcare for all, clean air and water, working wage, secure but compassionate immigration laws.

  • LizzyLiberty 3 years ago

    Trevor stop that CNN FOX ‘Democrat faction’ talking point. Jill Stein hardliners pretending to be Bernie fans are fire-bombing Democrats day in day out. Obama just warned bout circular firing squad. you have to pour gasoline? You are over-doing devil-advocacy, Trevor. Check your tactical framing overkill.

  • joanne jones 3 years ago

    Hahaha redact? They redacted 40 pages worth of information 40 out of 44

  • Enuff is ENUFF 3 years ago

    Enough of this TrumPutin ‘the left infight themselves to death’ trope. If Sanders want to tear apart DEM the way Trump tribe tear apart GOP, why help them? The country is divided enough! Obama is with Tlaib and Pelosi is with AOC! CUT THE DIVISIVE TALK!

  • Nature Boy 3 years ago

    Shills like Hakeem Jefferies are the reason we have an orange clown as president

  • BernieBro 3 years ago

    I like Barbara Lee, not this corporate tool!

  • Both Sides R Never Equal 3 years ago

    I have no issue with Bernie’s policies. I just don’t trust him. He can’t even control his cult members. They are prone to biting Trump Kremlin Jill Stein divisive poison. if Bernie lost the nomination again, they will run around regurgitating conspiracy BS and tell everyone to burn their vote too. So no, no Bernie for me.

  • Judge Yeti 3 years ago

    “Access to Medicare”?? We have access… Its the money tgats the problem. These guys are sleezy and Jimmy Dore would not have let him slide with that!

  • Sunrae McDonald 3 years ago

    The first step to the prison problem is to get rid of the private companies that build and run them. There is way too much “profit” to be had with a private prison system, with a captive “customer” that can’t do anything about the way they are being treated.

  • Mahir Rahman 3 years ago

    Hakeem Jeffries is a fuckin pro Israeli, pro establishment hack !! #Bernie2020

  • Truthy Fruity 3 years ago

    Here comes the swamp of TrumPutin trolls, pretending to be Bernie fanatics and branding Hakim and Noah “corporate shills” to drive gullible people to the suicidal far left. Will it work like it worked in 2016?

  • Human Majority 3 years ago

    Obama repatriated unprecedented number of troops, closed 90% of Gitmo and private prisons, but purer-than-thou gulag-apologist Jill Stein smeared Obama with wall crimes and stole Bernie’s voters from Democrats. We remember THE FAKE PROGRESSIVES who told us in 2016 “4 years of Trump is better than 4 years of Hillary”. We remember. NEVER AGAIN.

  • schuetze_jack 3 years ago

    sounds nice…pitty we in germany dont have that…u know…transparency….

  • Magnificent Hillcat 3 years ago

    Here to watch Trump Russia shills framing Jeffries as a “Israel stooge” for sharing office with Jared Kushner. Apparently Trump Russia shills believe progressives left are all easily triggered idiots.

  • Frequent Flyer 3 years ago

    What boggles my mind is, if Bernie diehards consistently fling molotov at progressive-leaning establishment Democrats like Hakim or Kamala, how are they not Deplorables of the left?

  • Ganiscol 3 years ago

    The Mueller report must be handed to congress unredacted and with all evidence so congress can do its constitutional duty of oversight.

    The Mueller report must be presented to the public as unredacted as possible, so those who have not identified trump as a bad actor yet, can make an educated decision on him next year. That excludes his die hard, dumb as bricks base – for obvious reasons.

  • Jay Camacho 3 years ago

    Fuck this shill


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