Gutfled slams Biden’s narrative on rising prices and inflation

Published on March 16, 2022

Gutfeld and guests discuss rising inflation and the mainstream media perpetuating Biden’s narrative ‘Putin’s price hike’ on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  • The_simplemom 11 months ago

    I get so sick of hearing them repeat the same exact talking points.

  • Chris Good 11 months ago

    Anyone else amazed by the fact that from 1/20/2017-1/19/2021 everything bad that happened in the USA was trump’s fault, and everything from 1/20/2021 is everyone BUT Bidens fault? Lol

  • Elizabeth Carpenter 11 months ago

    So now……… EVERYTHING is Putin’s fault. I can hardly believe how these idiots think biden is innocent OF YTHING AT ALL!!!!!!

  • PNW Affliction 11 months ago

    its transssitorrrrrrrrrryYyYYYYyyYyYyYyyY

  • TwLUFC 11 months ago

    In England the products that shrunk in size was because our government taxed virtually every sugary product, it either shrinks in size for the same price or upped the price for others that wouldn’t lower sugar content. They call it a sugar tax.

  • Patricia Kelly 11 months ago

    The world has gone mad. It’s sickening.

  • Bael Lamb 11 months ago

    Hahaha hillaryious

  • Helen 11 months ago

    U Guys are becoming very callous, you have no idea what it’s like to struggle with no money. And you sit up there and make a mockery of those that experience it on a daily basis. That’s disgusting. And that girl’s stupid comment about any kids that she knows of,, that’s a male comment because they don’t carry a fetus. That was really stupid and unfunny.

  • Chad Burton 11 months ago

    Lets promote the companies that didn’t down size products

  • Johnny Azer 11 months ago

    I had a dream that AOC and Vice President Harris were walking by me when I was homeless and starving. The cackle was peeling the color off nearby bricks. Anyway, I asked them if they could spare two bucks to get a bowl of soup, and AOC gave me a Green New Deal, and told me stop feeling sorry for yourself, and Kamala also said stop feeling sorry for yourself and said people of color have it worse than you, be quiet, next thing I know is they are having the most expensive thing on the menu at a five star restaurant plotting ways to expand critical race theory. WILD OR WHAT.

  • Bobbie Robinson 11 months ago

    Addressing Tyrus’s point, think they did this on purpose. When these little businesses go out that makes them cheaper to buy for these millionaires. Democrats stick together.

  • David Adams 11 months ago

    It isn’t Putin’s price hike, it is Commie Joe “Brandon” Biden’s price hike!! Tell the truth, you commie pinko leftist in the MSM!! Democrats will be DESTROYED IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Reichardt 10 months ago

    The Democrat Party will always have someone to blame . It’s what they do ! It’s all they do ! It’s their only card ! Blaming everything on whoever they are dealing with .

  • Woody Meadows 10 months ago

    1:03. Seriously, If the GREAT TRUMP was still president, would this be the discussion? Or would it ALL be Trump’s fault?
    Yeah, I kniow. Just had to throw a couple “theoreticals.”

  • DAGO999 10 months ago

    If you don’t care about shrinkflation, it’s because you have too much money to burn.

  • Tom Y 10 months ago

    prices and oil going up all of 2021…news is funny.

  • Stanley David Le pretre 10 months ago

    Apparently the buck stops anywhere else but with Brandon…

  • Daniel Sloan 10 months ago

    Well let’s look at the real truth Biden administration claims they put sanctions on Russia but is this the real truth are did the Biden administration put sanctions on America and We The People first when he took office then put sanctions on Russia.

  • Great White Ape 8 months ago

    I don’t remember the last time I watch CBS, NBC, ABC , MSNBC CNN. Don’t trust or like the.

  • Herbdoulaye Yousef 6 months ago

    Brutal blackpill @2:20


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