Gutfeld: Will a little snip snip flip the script?

Published on July 29, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to an article from ‘The Spectator’ arguing for reversible vasectomies as a form of male birth control, amid the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
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  • Mama Bosslady 1 year ago

    this Femannist mentality is so disgusting. this is all unnecessary. just be responsible for ur actions

  • Gary Finchum 1 year ago

    My testicles, my choice!

  • Jim Wolaver 1 year ago

    Repeated here is “men won’t do it,” but unasked is the question that desperately needs asking, “Why won’t they?”

    50 years ago male leadership of the household was the norm. In the 60’s the vilification of this norm began and it has not stopped. “Men won’t so it, so women will have to make it happen,” is accepted across this panel as easily as it is because men are no longer the leaders of the household and that is only because male leadership has been vilified.

    Don’t start with the not “not anymore” chant either. The recent advent of the phrase “toxic masculinity” is new evidence of the ratcheting up of the war against masculinity.

    “Well what about the fact all the school shootings are by males?” What about it? Men have been driven out of their roles in society. Now little boys grow up and go through puberty with no one at home to view as a role model. I’m not criticizing mom here, she’s as much a victim of this as anyone – she didn’t create this new emasculated standard, she just gets to try to raise kids in it. To add to that, she’s not equipped to be a role model for boys any more than a man is for girls. Her son’s don’t have a male role model to look up to to see how a man manages his emotions (which is and ought to be different than a woman who naturally has different hormones and therefore different emotional capacities to manage).

    It is high time we unilaterally acknowledge that the feminist movement of the 60’s missed the mark – not “was wrong” but missed the mark. Rather than raising women to a status of equal with differences (like an apple and an orange, both good for you for different reasons), it ousted masculinity (not men) from our culture. Now we have emasculated or outright effeminate men that do not know how to partner with a woman. Skyrocketing divorce rates, deadbeat dad rates, crime rates; any of these sound familiar? We need to roll this back and make room for positive masculinity which was most of the masculinity. Then we can continue by identifying and addressing the next actual issue – one at a time with conflating other issues to prevent progress in favor of an agenda.

  • ntvypr 1 year ago

    So, it’s like climate change for the ding dong. Outrageously expensive, insane ideology, and a total abstract failure.

  • Bud DiGiuseppe 1 year ago

    This was bad

  • James Fisher 1 year ago

    Very liberal episode

  • Donald Kenne 1 year ago

    Since when were vasectomies reversible?

  • John Gori 1 year ago

    (A) after a couple of years the success rate of reversals goes down a lot
    (B) you have to pay for the storage (and they make mistakes). Fall behind on your payments and they dispose of the sperm
    (C) the success rate for using frozen sperm to conceive is low and the process is expensive. If the first/second/third attempts don’t work you get to keep paying for each attempt hoping for success
    (D) the sperm banks occasionally fail and the sperm gets ruined
    (E) sometimes the procedure doesn’t completely work, so you’ll need to get tested after the first procedure and may have to do it again if the first time didn’t work
    (F) if the sperm bank “makes a mistake” and uses your sperm even without your permission the mother can then sue the guy for child support as he is the biological father

    So parents that get the kid snipped at 18 (or before given current medical mutilation of children insanity) are guaranteeing that either he’ll have a kid when he’s too young, or if he waits there will be a good chance the sperm will be degraded and he can’t have a kid.

  • Jim Bob 1 year ago

    Sounds like a lib show. Hearing all the women gripe about men like entitled little babies.

  • Paine1737 1 year ago

    Hey Gutfeld. How bout the way President Biden slapped down the crazy poop ultra MAGA ers

  • Handy-Cap Outdoors 1 year ago

    I think both males and females should be castrated at birth. And only after age 21 and after they can prove they are financially stable enough to raise a child

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Romeo santo barra hierro

  • Marty Tarver 1 year ago

    10-24-2022 Leslie Jordan passed away today do to a auto accident. RIP Leslie.

  • Vincent crown 1 year ago

    If a woman asked me to get a vasectomy I would ask her can your tubes tied because men can still Produce sperm to their 80 women can only have children till around 40. But my answer will always be hell no


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