Gutfeld: Where did Howard Stern go?

Published on October 8, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on Howard Stern ending his two-year COVID hibernation by snacking with A-list celebrities in a fancy restaurant.
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  • Luke Martin 1 year ago

    Stern is just another not funny anymore sellout club member. He’s a Severe Trump derangement syndrome example

  • Karl Young 1 year ago


  • Ian Feuerhake 1 year ago

    Kennedy is right here. Howard has always been a germophobe and a shut in, even when his show was good

  • medicinegone 1 year ago

    I was a Stern fan for decades but haven’t listened to a live show in 3 or 4 years. It got boring and repetitive, new “characters” were crow-barred into the show. That said, I’ve never heard of Gutfeld before but based on this video he’s remarkably unfunny.

  • DstnyCln 1 year ago

    Trump was on the Howard Stern show many times. He thought Stern owed him an endorsement because they were friends. Stern said: Look, I know Donald Trump pretty well. Which is how I know he should be president.

  • G. Prince 1 year ago

    It’s crazy how open they are about who runs the show in Hollywood and basically America.thats how much they do make the call.

  • D Kelly 1 year ago

    Jason Bateman is an A- lister?

  • James Vincent 1 year ago

    I met Howard Stern almost 30 years ago when he was really getting popular. He showed up at a club I used to go to all the time. Baba Louie or whatever his name is was hosting a bathing suit competition. I tried to say hey but he gave me a dirty look and ignored me. Only thing I could think off was that since I showed up with more strippers than him he was pissed. He was sitting at a table with 2 while his buddy was on stage. I showed up with 4 in my Monte Carlo and friend of mine showed up with 3 more. Guarantee we had a better time than he did.

  • Yes ButActuallyNo 1 year ago

    Whao! i have kidnapped myself!

  • THE PAGE BURNER 1979 1 year ago

    Friends come over because they like you.
    Not because your money.!!!

  • Victory Crosby 1 year ago

    Jimi ‘s kibble from late spite stale network redundant t.v. translated from Chinese is “ladyboy pee”.

  • EM— MC 1 year ago

    The Woke Pack?

  • Shaylynn 1 year ago

    Forget Howard Stern! Where’s Jussie?????


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