Gutfeld: This is the greatest hypocrisy

Published on January 24, 2022

Greg Gutfeld points out the ‘hypocrisy’ of climate change activists flying private jets while pushing to lower emissions. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Angel Valle 2 years ago

    Jack Slater would slap him in the mouth .

  • richard ordonez 2 years ago

    I’m glad Tyrus laughed at his intro.

  • Gary Millow 2 years ago

    Arnold is living up to his best movie….True Lies

  • SerpentLord666 2 years ago

    If you’ve forgotten, that was a thing for awhile…how unfair it was to drive around a huge SUV/truck/vehicle amongst the poor in their smaller cars.

  • William Scott 2 years ago

    Tyrus. Retire the belt. We get the point.

  • rudolpho gutierrez 2 years ago

    Is it illegal to want to see Stelter stripped to his chonies and set loose in some backwoods swamp? Maybe a bridge with a banjo plucking inbred and some lonely local lads looking for a little plump lovin’ would supply Plumpzilla with the affection he needs no… craves so badly. Repulsive little turd.

  • Mike E 2 years ago

    Best episode EVER!!!!!

  • Irick Browne 2 years ago

    Laws are instituted act of God not man. So the Democrats have to do what they do, hmmmm. Just saying.

  • Haskell Campbell 2 years ago

    Greg you talk about slashing truck tires go ahead and try it they are very tough you better have something very stiff to do it!

  • Neal Snow 2 years ago

    Biden needs Russia to attack Ukraine so all the records of hunter and his records might be destroyed

  • The Unknown Commenter 2 years ago

    If Arnold wants to do something to fix the climate, all he needs to do is put his Mr. Freeze armor back on and begin a new ice age (it’s what killed the dinosaurs).

  • Julie Perez 2 years ago


  • mark fahey 2 years ago

    Anybody that buys the global warming/climate change bit is a dunce. You are easily fooled saps. It’s been proven to be a scam. Even the commie from the UN who runs the environmental office said on camera it’s about bring about world socialism. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • linda Davis 2 years ago

    I despise Fox News and their cronies

  • Valerie Curtis 1 year ago

    How can anyone listen to this disgusting troll? What a pig.

  • Roxann Geler 1 year ago

    I want to see more jokes about Steven Co bere

  • Lisa 11 months ago

    Greg! You should stop having the Poster Boy for the woke ideology movement on your show before you start crying “Hypocrisy!” . One of your bread and butter subjects is woke “ridiculosis” syndrome, then you invite Jenner on and act as though his obvious mental disorder is normal.


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