Gutfeld: This is a hot, steaming pile of crap

Published on June 2, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass facing backlash over an apology he issued for sharing ‘a pro-Christian video to his Instagram account.’

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  • Relic 4 months ago

    Apologies and retractions, sounds like he’s been to a Chinese re-education camp like the rest that fold to the woke fascists.

  • chumgrinder25 4 months ago

    Someone needs to duct tape some Qurans onto those pole-dance crosses. Then we’ll see a spicy halftime show.

  • Don Duggan 4 months ago

    Another man bites the dust

  • eddie munster 4 months ago

    Sure they’re in a marginalized community, but like most people at the bottom of the hierarchy, they have marginalized themselves. Much like the young overweight girl who has purple hair, nose rings and other piercings and tattoos, but she wonders why nobody will hire her or date her

  • stothal 4 months ago

    honestly, it would be nice to see Greg make an elder abuse complaint to social services on prime time… frankly, Joe is a victim of elder abuse…and totally unfit for office, but the whole idea of elder abuse is very valid for poor Joe Biden. I wonder what would happen with a careful interview by APS would show… nah, they’d have IRS threaten the interviewer

  • luckylady 4 months ago

    My opinion is this….. if you are forced to apologize for something you believe, you are nothing but a coward. Stand up and be a man or a woman.

  • JC 4 months ago

    Tyrus said it all.

  • Missie 4 months ago

    Never apologize to the woke mob.

  • George Price 4 months ago

    Yeah that’s all he has to say putting money in that big contract before his principles the the lust and greed for for money over principles and ethics is just too much and too strong for so many who have been corrupted and now he’ll do photo shoots and selfies with those nuns or whatever they call them I think more than anything it’s really sad

  • Ralph Munoz 4 months ago

    What a f**** moron

  • harry viking 4 months ago

    All PRIDE and WOKE actions are an attack on sanity and logic! Beat it or go under in an ocean of madness! It is a provocation to sanity!

  • Scott123 4 months ago

    Oohh, did our corpse president stumble again today?

  • john cadogan 4 months ago

    When your forcably told was to say or you will lose your job, then this is the road to a freedomless country.We are going backwards into the past.


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