Gutfeld: They created the killer and the killer got loose

Published on January 14, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses those in charge leading the COVID federal response and the politicization surrounding the origins of the virus.
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  • RoJoEagle 1 year ago

    This is the place in time to find what happens when you do it, vote for clowns.

  • Michael Pettengill 1 year ago

    The top scientists need to be held accountable take away all of thier licenses

  • Thomas Askins 1 year ago

    Harris is an idiot she does not even know what she is saying

  • chris lesley 1 year ago

    I know Greg gutfeld probably won’t see this comment but whoever does say something to him let him make some jokes about it just remember the media was held accountable during world war II at the Nuremberg trials all these people thinking about it who are government officials making these little tick tock videos are propagandists

  • Chris Fr 1 year ago

    I hate Joe Biden I hate kamala Harris they are making my country into a s******* I don’t like it and I don’t appreciate it

  • john johnson 1 year ago

    Kamala is the weakest link and possibly the missing link…

  • Ryan Cane 1 year ago

    They made it they treated it and in the process caused a market and economy crash now raising rates for everyone making it harder than pre covid and during covid. Now we have to be victims to it all and now lets point at otherthings to distract us

  • oldgloryhillfarm turtlewoman 1 year ago

    How coincidental that it got loose just in time for the election.

  • pentafast 1 year ago

    I never laugh at gutfeild…. but that “gross version of trader Joe’s ” line got me…lolol

  • Whisper Atnight 1 year ago


  • Steve Burke 1 year ago

    Carcasses hanging up in the sun, nice…

  • Dan Jones 1 year ago

    We will never be free again times the irs get though with us we are done

  • Jesse Martinez 1 year ago

    Covid came from China, covid kills millions and growing “genocide ” Biden sends oil from America to China. ??? Is it possible a treasonous ack was committed? Its like connecting a timeline puzzle together what would it show you? America in chaos is the red flag, why can’t it be stopped?

  • David Rose 1 year ago

    Wasn’t it illegal to FUND Gain of Function testing?

  • Teri Amborn 1 year ago

    If Fauci doesn’t spend the $ this year, he doesn’t get the 10% raise next year.

    This is simply too much $ for too many years…leading to “experimental spending” in order to consume the lives of those who are paying for their experiments.


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