Gutfeld: These Disney pictures are embarrassing

Published on July 18, 2023

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld dissects Hollywood actors striking and Disney’s upcoming live-action of Snow White on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Stant123 5 months ago

    When factories and other blue collar jobs were all being replaced, these a-holes all said “Learn to code.” Now that all those that learned to code are creating a thing that can replace them. all of the f*cks I can give just tell me to tell them to “Learn to weld.” They never stood up against robotic automation taking away my jobs, I can’t be bothered to care about software taking their jobs. That’s Karma.

  • Gunny D 5 months ago

    So they’ll have to find REAL jobs for low pay!

  • Danny Lucas 5 months ago

    I wonder what the pictures that Putin has of you-know-who. Jeffrey Epstein and friends at a high school dance or sleep over. In my opinion

  • Larissa 5 months ago

    I love kat .Poor lady give her a blanket .

  • pamela cassise 5 months ago

    Don’t act so smug because AI can replace you too. A funny good-looking AI I would take over your snore bore attempt at comedy would be excellent, a “woke” AI, because we “woke” are talented and brilliant, unlike yourself.

  • Gari Crewsen 5 months ago

    Greg, you DO know that Vin Diesel has an identical twin, right? Only he has hair. This is NOT a joke, dude!

  • shoa31 5 months ago

    Actors and writers are cheap. They all can be replaced in 15 minutes, even the janitor .

  • Tess Davis 5 months ago

    Why did K/Cat change her clothes?
    Or was it a jacket she took off?

  • Cori Morganson 5 months ago


  • Burch 5 months ago

    I love to see the “mighty” fall. Unholywood deserves to crumble. I have no sympathy for any of them. From the very top to the very bottom and anyone in between. Welcome to the real world. Now go get a real job.

  • George Price 5 months ago

    That does it for me now that I see Adam Schiff being welcomed by this new generation of actors and writers look quite frankly suck. By bringing Adam Schiff . Makes me feel even more so that I couldn’t give two Schiffs !!!!!!!!! And most especially with lately all this Wokeizm coming from Hollywood . Until they get rid of that and they go back to the good values and the awesome screenplays they used to come up with I’m done with Hollywood. I stand with Richard Dreyfuss. And believe and back up his opinion of Hollywood today. It’s like every movie has to have some kind of stomach turning woke ideology in it. It’s just like all the commercials you see today they’re all so phony that’s exactly what Hollywood’s become.

  • Manuel Duran 5 months ago

    Just like your news show and your reporting

  • Jessie L 5 months ago

    There should be no women in with the 7 dwarfs. They were all males

  • YuntakuKai 5 months ago

    Learn to code

  • George Washington 5 months ago

    Titanic II; yes they are that untalented and stupid.

  • Jesus Christ 5 months ago

    It’s really rich for Greg Gutfeld to call anyone else’s production embarrassing.

  • Bluehealer100 5 months ago

    Disney is a has been for many years and the stocks prove it !!!


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