Gutfeld: The walls are closing in on Hunter Biden

Published on February 3, 2023

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld goes over this week’s leftovers and ‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to President Biden reportedly taking out a $250,000 line of credit against his Delaware beach home amid the Hunter Biden probe.
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  • Spiral Tap 10 months ago

    The picture of hunter and the two hookers one facing forward and the other facing backward is hilarious. Do you see the dog hanging out sitting on the corner of the bed not looking as if to say I don’t want to be here. One of the hookers is taking a photo. Now we know why Papa Joe says he’s broke and borrowing money. People with pictures and laptops can demand payment. If this little erotic tryst was in Vegas, then the commercial is wrong. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…NOT!

  • David B 10 months ago

    Hannity only has to say “Hey” once.

  • haydeh abdolahian 10 months ago

    Is it really true or you guys , are wishing it ?

  • Half Skull Senior . 10 months ago

    Kat i like you top.

  • AR Grover 10 months ago

    Isn’t Greg a tad bit older than Will Smith? … just saying.. And as for the open casket…I mean you could just cut them off..muhahaha. The Biden stuff is just omg so old. I really hope something comes of it however I would not hold your breath cough cough as for the money someone paid for Hunters cough cough art work…give me a break..I feel sorry for the repair owner who had to leave the nation? state? out of fear…which goes full circle back to our lovely government. Scary stuff.

  • edward miller 10 months ago

    The FBI and the Dept of Justice will continue to protect and cover up for Hunter and Joey.

  • MAP Murder All Pedos 10 months ago

    If white people threw a fit any time they are the victim of a violent crime committed by a blick dude you would find out 85% of interracial crime is blick on white

  • Shark Bait 10 months ago

    Wish Kennedy would get smaller glasses. Those oversized ones really don’t do her any favors.

  • steve langan 10 months ago

    Welcome stupid people! Welcome one and all!

  • Sherril C 10 months ago

    That’s hilarious

  • Tourettes Guy 10 months ago

    Saying the Bydumb administration is doing a good like having Stacy Abrams as your weight loss coach and not losing a single pound!…Voting for any democrat is like having Stacy Abrams as your weight loss instructor and not losing a single pound..or John Fedderwoman as your speech therapist after you had a stroke!

  • Alan Arizmendi 10 months ago

    I went to the highschool in my hometown where the 29 yr old woman was arrested for trying to enroll with a fake birth certificate. The story was a big deal and was widespread on social media in the city it happened. It’s so weird that people think they can get away with these types of things. What’s scary was the rumor that she was there to lure in kids for trafficking.

  • Snuffy Smif 10 months ago

    Sadly, thanks to FOX News and Trump, most right-wingers are sadistic serial killers of facts… They get off on causing people pain using any and all manner of defamatory lies, especially, for money and power.

  • Larry Brown 10 months ago

    Tough crowd, some of those jokes were good

  • gamjamm Allota 10 months ago

    Tyrus at the end was hilarious.

  • gday 10 months ago

    All this silly little gnome ever talks about is hunters f+++++n lap top ,its the go to for republican wannabes ,forget the economy cos that’s doin better and forget job growth cos that improved and forget fuel prices cos that right they’ve gone down so what have Republicans got left thats right hunters f++++n lap top ,they stuffed up trying to lie about what happened to Paul Pelosi with there disgusting theories which were absolutely despicable along with this f+++wit

  • M M 10 months ago

    this is nauseating to listen to


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